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Location: Anywhere

URL: http://37signals.com

We are looking for an operations programmer dedicated to keeping the lights on and our customers delighted. It’s a lot of work to keep a suite of applications with millions of users running smoothly and we need your help to do it. Here are some of the things you’ll be doing as an operations programmer at 37signals:
  • Restore a database to retrieve some data for a customer
  • Fix a rendering bug for Japanese characters in HTML exports
  • Figure out why Highrise is suddenly extra slow for a customer in Seattle
  • Build an internal app to help support search outgoing emails
  • Massage an Excel spreadsheet that won’t import in Highrise
  • Trace why a customer in Basecamp isn’t receiving any emails
You’ll be working alongside a rotating team of programmers assigned to help with operations as well, but you will be our rock. Exclusively assigned to helping the system administrators and customer service people with all their programming needs.
This role is definitely not for everyone. If the thing you like most about programming is starting new applications or working on features, it’s not a good fit. This is a role for someone who enjoys getting to the bottom of voodoo bugs and saving the day for customers who’ve made a mistake.
We expect you to be well-versed in Ruby and Rails, but you don’t need decades of experience or an extensive library of published applications. This would be a perfect fit for someone who’s gotten their feet wet in the field, but wants to work with some of the best people in the industry to learn more.
Pay is according to qualifications, up to $80,000. We offer an excellent benefits package with health care, dental, 401K matching, hobby stipends, and more. If you’re in Chicago, you’ll also have access to our lovely office, but it’s not required — as long as you can be online from 8-5 CST (our business hours for support), it’s good.
We like when people make custom application sites, but at the very least include links to code that you’ve written. Preferably a full-fledged application and/or bugs fixed on open source software.

To apply: Please send your application to jointheteam@37signals.com with [Programmer] in the subject.

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