7catwalks: Ruby Object Designer

Posted by | July 11, 2011 | Web Pro Job Tips

Location: Anywhere

URL: 7catwalks.com

I am looking for some help to bring a small product idea to life that can make b2b transactions more transparent and flexible.
There is already a small prototype, but I need someone that helps in development/teaching me how to work with a test-first process, mocks and stubs and Git to actually arrive at a product that some potential customers can use.
I am doing this product idea part-time, so, ideally, you are interested in part-time development too, 10-15h / week (evt. more if we can bring the project alive). I have some minor means to support you financially, but as
the idea is rather in startup phase, you should be
interested in the journey than in the end-goal too.
As the goal of the product is to provide more transparency it would be great, if you too would provide transparent invoice details for work you did on the project.
I am based in Munich, Germany, but think distributed development of the product should work very well.
Looking forward to meet like-minded entrepreneurial thinkers.

To apply: Post a message to mulder@mtpartners.de with a reference to a blog, twitter account or github profile.

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