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Location: Boulder, CO

URL: www.absolute-performance.com

About Absolute Performance:
We’re a small, agile software and services company in Boulder that has been around for 10+ years. We still have the exciting startup atmosphere, without the frenetic startup development stress.
Our systems have a set of interlinked Rails, Merb, and GWT applications that communicate over REST web services to collect and report on hardware and software data from servers running a small, lightweight C++ daemon. The development team is small and agile, testing-focused and fast-moving.
What we need:
  1.  Passion for creating excellent web applications
  2. Strong skills in Ruby and Rails
  3. Extensive experience with web technologies, such as semantic HTML, CSS, and JS/jQuery.
  4. Bonus points for experience with the following:
  • C++
  •  Java
  • Erlang
  • queue systems
  • databases both relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non (TokyoCabinet, MongoDB)
  • design experience doesn’t hurt
You will be involved in all aspects of development and design, while
focusing primarily on Rails application development and web services.
There is a great deal of flexibility in architecture and design decisions
that we make as a group. You’ll be tackling complex data volume
and scalability issues and creating elegant applications for both our
operations teams and our customers.
Competitive Salary, Flexible schedule and telecommute options, 401(k) and health/dental/relocation assistance/etc. Fun Boulder office environment.

To apply: jobs@absolute-performance.com

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