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Location: London, UK


Who we are:
We are Aframe. We’re a new tech company solving some of the biggest problems for video content producers today.
We may be small now, but our ambition is to grow rapidly and to make our users’ lives easier wherever they are in the world.
For you, the opportunity is to grow with us.
Who you are:
A couple of us have web development skills in our back pockets but the product has now reached the point where it needs a specialist… Someone who can grab it by the scruff of its neck, put a collar on it and train it do perform Heelwork to Music.
Day to day you will be collaborating with UX, design and dev to architect and implement solid interfaces for various applications (from web to mobile to desktop) using some combination of web technologies and the occasional wildcard. Our field is fast-moving so you will need to be happy working in an Agile team environment. “Agile” might sound techno-hippy but it’s important to us.
As a startup our environment is subject to change. We find it fun. You should too.
Ideally you would have the following skills. If you don’t but would back yourself to pick things up quickly without having your hand held please apply anyway.
  • HTML and CSS. We’re using the video element and WebSockets so at least some HTML5 awareness would be good.
  • Javascript with an opinion on frameworks.
  • Testing – unit, TDD, BDD or some mixture of all three.
  • Some knowledge of server-side coding would be ideal. We’re mostly Ruby with little bits of other things where they seem appropriate – nothing too scary but you should not be easily intimidated by tech. (I’m sure you’re not, anyway.)
  • A demonstrable passion for what you do, but that goes without saying, right?
Please email with a short note and a link to your portfolio website.

To apply:

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