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Location: Washington, DC


is seeking a Rails developer to join our growing team. You’ll develop user
stories and requirements; plan agile sprints; design, code, and test Rails
applications; and present your work to coworkers, managers and end users.
are we?
are the American Society for Engineering Education. We get kids interested in
engineering careers, help college and graduate students pay for school, and
organize conferences and publications that improve the quality of computer
science and engineering programs.
IT Department has been using Rails for five years. We have experts in Rails
internals, serving/performance, and interface design. We all specialize in
different areas but are constantly learning from each other, outside training,
and the latest publications. Our biggest IT project is running 12 scholarship
and fellowship programs for government agencies. The data for these programs
used to be tracked by a bunch of people with Excel spreadsheets, but we now
track all 12 with five programmers and two Rails boxes.
work for us?
could earn more money working 60 hours a week for a startup, but we enjoy
working here because:

We solve real problems for real people and make the world better. America needs
well-trained engineers, and every day ASEE is helping inspire kids, fund
college education, and organize the community of educators, researchers and

Because we consistently deliver awesome products, our managers, coworkers and
users trust our judgment and listen to our suggestions. Rather than implement
ideas from someone who doesn’t understand computers, we have the autonomy to
build simple, powerful systems the right way.

We work normal hours except for three busy weeks a year. We have friends, families,
and hobbies rather than debilitating RSI and vitamin D deficiency.

We have great benefits: lots of vacation time, good medical/dental/vision, and
a sunny balcony overlooking Dupont Circle.
are you?
are an experienced Rails developer with all of the expected skills (HTML, SQL,
and other exciting abbreviations and acronyms listed below). You’ve worked with
teams and know how to deal with different personalities, communicate clearly
with stakeholders, and troubleshoot problems. You can listen to users and
managers, but are also confident enough to improve on their requests and use
technology to give them what they actually want rather than what they say they
will you be doing?
an everyday basis you’ll deal with the following things, but will only be
expert at some of them: Rails; HAML; YUI; MySQL; SVN; XP/Agile; data modeling;
JavaScript; plugins, gems and engines; business objects or tableless models;
STI, Linux; Capistrano. We’d love to know in which you are expert, which you
enjoy, and which you are already looking forward to learning.
be working with our team to develop a new application that manages our internal
membership, conferences, and accounting systems, as well as maintain the
well-build code base behind our fellowship programs. We have 6 Rails
developers, (two specializing in interaction design and one chief architect) as
well as a an excellent system administrator and a supportive project manager.
There is a lot of support to grow your knowledge of Rails, SQL, JavaScript or
design, but also a lot of autonomy and responsibility to solve problems for
to apply?
high-pressure formal cover letters, just send a resume and brief introduction
to our IT Manager, Keith Mounts (
We’ll send you a brief written test to make sure you can actually write Ruby
and SQL, and then invite you in to talk with our team and see if there is a

To apply: Send resume to

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