Python Developers….here’s how to work at place that DOESN’T suck

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Location: Austin, TX


What’s up my Python developer-izer friend….
I know you’re a nerd.  Admit it.  
I’m a nerd too.  I’m ALSO a 510 lbs Sumo wrestler who runs  
I’m ALSO looking for a Python developer….BUT FIRST LET’S SEE IF YOU’LL FIT IN WITH US FAT-ASS SUMO’S:
You preferably like:
Burritos, drinking beer, working startup-style, tech stuff, armed robbery.
You also:
–Aren’t impressed by fancy-sounding “positions” in a company (soo stupid).
–ACTUALLY know your way around a Python (giggity).  
–Can work from a laptop (no quadruple-screen-only programming divas please).  
Basically you gotta be smart and cool (oh yea….and know Python really damn well)  
Now here’s a little somethin’ about us fat Sumo’s:
–We are ….daily deals for web geeks.
–We help entrepreneurs and tech people do cool things by hooking them up with new tools everyday.  
–We’re growing hella fast, AND people love us.  
–Google or Twitter us, you’ll see.  
–There’s like about 15 of us fat-butt-Sumo’s working here in Austin, TX.  
–Most of our customers are actually pretty smart and nerdy (developers, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, free-lancers, hookers).  
–We have kick-ass advisers whose sole job is to stay the f*** out of our way.   
Call Noah: 510-866-6624 (the password is “Burrito”)
The Chief 510 lbs fat Sumo (who needs a new Python developer ASAP).  
P.S.  Isn’t this ad sooo much better than that other boring crap you’ve been reading??
Looking for Python dev in Austin, TX.
We’re – Daily Deals for web geeks

To apply: Email password "burrito" with your github account or a recent project to

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