Asana: Software Engineer at Asana – Email changed how people work together. This is the step after that.

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Location: San Francisco


At Asana we are building collaborative task and project management software in an effort to reimagine the way people manage their daily lives. As knowledge workers, we and our loved ones spend most of our time living in programs (email, calendar, document editors, etc.) that help us move and manage data. This is an opportunity to make that environment better.
As a Software Engineer, you’ll be building Asana’s features end-to-end, from designing their data models to implementing the subtle interaction behaviors that differentiate good software and great software. Working closely with seasoned UI designers and supported by a world-class software-infrastructure team, you can focus on delighting users with both large new features and (thanks to our continuous deployment architecture) daily small product enhancements.
By leveraging our in-house framework, Luna, you can rapidly build applications with properties like immediate responsiveness and real-time syncing. Luna really changes the way you think about writing Web applications, including the elimination of a separation between “frontend code” and “backend code.” This is an opportunity to use a new paradigm for building interactive software, and to drive the requirements for its ongoing development.
The craftsmanship of product development is deep in Asana’s soul. We work hard to maintain a codebase and a culture that are a joy to work in. Both founders are engineers and still write product code, and Asana will remain a product/technology-focused company.
  • Passion for creating a superlative user experience, down to those little details that matter
  • Sound judgment for balancing between scrappiness and long-term code maintainability
  • Deep knowledge of Web technologies
  • Have built a personal productivity tool before out of fun and/or frustration
  • Derive joy from abstracting and refactoring
  • Strong background in computer science
  • Knowledge of a variety of frameworks (server side, browser side, or for desktop software)
  • Could convert a mock to HTML/CSS prototype in your sleep
  • Experience supporting live production infrastructure, can put out fires under pressure when things go wrong
  • An appetite for data: analyzing metrics and designing A/B tests to help drive the company’s decisions
  • Small company with respectful, rational, chill peers. We are as dedicated to building a great culture as we are to building a great product.
  • Located in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco, CA.
  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage.
  • In-house yoga. As a group, including +1s, or in a 1:1 session with massage options – both with a private instructor (Optional, but pretty awesome.)
  • Executive-level coaching
  • Organic home-cooked meals twice a day.
  • Three 30″ monitors. Actually, we let you spend up to $10K on your setup, however you think best.
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