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Location: San Francisco, CA


As knowledge workers, we and our loved ones spend most of our time living in programs (email, calendar, document editors, IDEs, etc.) that help us move and manage data. This is your opportunity to make that environment better, faster, and more humane.
We’re working on hard engineering problems in everything from algorithms to programming languages, compilers, databases, web technologies, sync, human-computer interaction, scalability, and systems architecture. We’ve worked on challenging projects in the past, but this one has consistently pushed our intellectual capabilities to the limits. We think this makes it more fun to come to work in the morning, and makes a programmer feel more like a craftsman than a mechanic.
We’re focused on disciplined application of best practices. We want a codebase and an engineering culture that are a joy to work in. Both founders are engineers, and Asana will remain a product/technology-focused company.
Capable of “great feats of software” 
Deriving joy from abstracting and refactoring 
Eagerness to roll up your sleeves and tackle the elusive, dirty problems 
Sound judgment for balancing between idealism and pragmatism
Deep knowledge of front-end Web technologies
Passion for programming languages, compilers, databases 
Experience with functional or declarative programming languages 
Interest in both the nitty gritty and the big picture Interest in both coding and leadership 
Have built task managers before out of fun and/or frustration
In addition to the above role-specific requirements, we have expectations that apply to all of our team members.
General Requirements: 
Passion, Earnestness, Honesty 
Deep care about users and the user experience 
Fearlessness working outside your comfort zone 
Love of work as an end in itself, not just as a means toward an end 
Ability to admit when wrong 
Patience with others 
Impatience with technology 
Meta skills
Generally Desirable: 
Obsessed with systems for personal (and team) productivity 
Renaissance person who can wear many hats 
Intellectual breadth, beyond software 
Entrepreneurial (we hope Asana will serve as a first-class entrepreneur apprenticeship program) 
Many people would describe you as the best coder they know 
Sense of humor
We are passionate about changing the world through great software, and are looking for exceptional people to join us. We’re taking an unusual approach to building the company: assemble a relatively small, tightly knit collective of extraordinarily talented peers, while pursuing impact and revenue goals typically associated with large hierarchical enterprises. By keeping the company small, communication overhead costs are reduced, individual contributors can have greater ownership and input into decisions than is possible in traditionally-structured corporations, and life is generally more pleasant.
We aim (to paraphrase Masaru Ibuka) to “establish a place of work where creators can feel the joy of technological innovation, be aware of their mission to society, and work to their hearts’ content.” You should be ready to make Asana a primary focus of your life. We will be working together, eating together, and playing together, so you must be in or willing to relocate to the Bay Area. (We will help cover moving costs.)
Company Description
Asana is an effort to reimagine the way people manage information, a new kind of software product built for the Web from the ground up. With a focus on speed, collaboration, and ease of use, it radically improves the way groups of people work together.
Our team is comprised of engineering and thought leaders from Facebook and Google. A key strategy contributing to these companies’ success has been the development of internal software solutions to increase the efficiency of the people who develop the products. While working at these companies, we split our efforts between building the products used by hundreds of millions of people and the internal systems which enabled our teams to do so quickly, collaboratively, and enjoyably.
We founded Asana to dedicate our attention full-time to developing a beautifully intuitive collaborative information manager which can help any company work more efficiently. Our system speeds up knowledge work and communication by minimizing the time leaders spend trying to keep everyone on the same page and the time that knowledge workers sink into struggling with disparate tools to do their jobs.
We’re currently mobilizing a team of world-class peers, and actively recruiting new team members who are passionate about tackling some of the hardest software engineering and product design problems out there.

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