Backstop Solutions: Superb Java and Rails Developers

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Location: Chicago, IL (Sears Tower)


At Backstop, we develop web-based software for hedge funds and their investors. We’re the leader in our market and have customers all over the globe. Some fund manager or investor is using our systems right now to manage their operations or view their accounts: that’s a nice feeling.
Engineering drives our success. Although we all sit in one big room in the Sears Tower with nerf guns at the ready, we take our craft seriously and we’re smart. Our application stacks center around the JRE and Rails; most developers align with Java or Ruby, but all of us are polyglots and you will find languages including Perl, Python, Scala, C#, Groovy, and Lisp in our systems. The production environment is all Linux managed with Puppet, and we contribute to and use OSS. Our engineers work on their choice of OS. We pair as much as we can, and like everyone, cherry-pick the Agile and XP nuggets that feel right.
We play lots of foosball and ping pong together, and review company finances and demo software at a weekly beer-and-chips bash.
In short, we’re a great place for great engineers. Maybe you should join us!

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