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Location: San Francisco, CA


Beatport Comes to San
Beatport is the recognized
leader in electronic dance music downloads by DJs and club music alike
delivering content in premium-encoded formats that match the professional
performance quality standards of the world’s leading sound systems. allows users to access the world of club music through secure,
legal, hi-speed, high quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay
per download basis from an impressive library of the world’s leading
independent labels.
Our growing company seeks
enthusiastic, talented people to add to our team.  We are opening a development
shop in the vibrant SoMa area in San Francisco to add to our HQ in Denver and
our offices in Berlin and Tokyo.
We intend to build a 7 member,
cross functional Agile Scrum team in the Bay Area and to make this happen we
are seeking the following:
Application Developers with expertise in Software Design and
Architecture in a LAMP environment. (PHP, Zend, doctrine, python )
Application Developer with
focus and an expertise in
MySQL database development in a LAMP environment to work on big data problems.
(MySQL, CouchDB, Hadoop, etc)
UI Developer with expertise in User Experience design and
development (HTML5 and Flash)
IT Developer with expertise configuring, troubleshooting, and
maintaining enterprise Linux systems for a development team including release
packaging and deployment.
QA Developer with expertise testing and managing the QA
process in a LAMP environment.
Product Owner with expertise in product management and working
in Agile Scrum environments. Intimate knowledge of the music industry,
community tools, and crowd-sourcing a plus.
These roles will naturally
involve development work, but beyond that there is planning time at the start
of each 2-week iteration where you will plan, task, and estimate user stories.
At the end of each iteration you will be involved with release demos where your
team shares (with the company) work completed (and marked accepted) within the
iteration. We have a highly collaborative environment where the team works to define
a solution with our Product Owners and Stakeholders so that everyone can share
in the success of releasable value on a regular basis.
 To land this job you’ll need to have:
·       A solid understanding of Open Source solutions;
Comfort in LAMP environment
·       Proven ability to work with others to efficiently
tackle teamwork-oriented tasks
·       Understanding of Test Driven Development
·       Confidence with Linux, Java, Javascript
·       Proven Object Oriented experience
·       For Application Developers:
o   Process experience with security, environment
management, and capacity planning
o   Familiarity with software release procedures and
o   Knowledge of a variety of general web technologies
o   Proven experience in software design, architecture,
and services solutions
·       For Application Developers with Database:
o   Comfortable with everything from the App Dev roll
above plus:
o   Strong MySQL skills
o   Knowledge of Solr, CouchDB, Hadoop, Pentaho,
Datawarehousing a plus
o   Detailed understanding of performance tuning
o   Proven experience in software design and
o   Confidence with Linux, Python, JavaScript
o   Process experience with security, environment
management, and capacity planning
o   Familiarity with software release procedures and
o   Knowledge of a variety of general web technologies
·       For UI Developers:
o   Familiarity with software release procedures and
o   Knowledge of a variety of general web technologies
o    Proven experience creating Flash/Flex, and
Ajax solutions for web applications
·       For IT Developers:
o   Extensive work on Linux systems, specifically
RHEL/Fedora based
o   Experience supporting all IT related functions for
a development team including working closely with the Infrastructure Operations
and Architecture team to define and implement production solutions necessary
o   Design and implementation of Infrastructure
services (Kerberos/LDAP/SSSO, Nginx/Apache/Lighttpd, MySQL/CouchDB/Soir,
GlusterFS/iSCSI, Puppet/Cobbler/Func/Spacewalk, Squid/Varnish, etc.)
o   Ability to do triage and support of issues for
products in development
o   Ability to prioritize and effectively communicate
needs for [security, HA layouts, etc.] and diligence to build each across
multiple environments
o   Strong knowledge of PHP, Python, Linux, RPM and
o   Experience with Linux systems design and
o   Strong understanding of HTTP caching/acceleration
and concepts
·       For QA Developers:
o   Experience with testing frameworks and automated
testing solutions
o   Familiarity with software release procedures and
We seek folks who are
passionate about what they do, friendly and positive thinking. If you fit this
bill, send your resume our way. Please drop us a brief line with a cover letter
sharing your salary expectations and anything else we should know about you
that your resume doesn’t already reveal.
Beatport is centrally located
in San Francisco in historic SoMa where the downtown vibe is accentuated with
lofts, nightclubs, and thriving .com boom survivors.
We offer a casual, funky
working environment where it is a pleasure to spend your day. Want to know more
about us?  Check out our website at

To apply: Please send resumes to

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