Behance: Back End Developer With Serious Skills

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Location: New York, New York


A passionate and rapidly growing creative team seeks a talented developer.
 – Do you have strong back end skills (ie Linux, Apache, MySQL, & php)?
 – Do you have experience with database management and migrations, overseeing maintenance processes, and back end development?
 – Do you want to help empower creative people and revolutionize the creative industries?
Come join us.
We imagine a world where creative professionals and teams are more productive, more great ideas happen, and the best talent is matched with the best opportunity. Our development team is world class, composed of smart, passionate developers who want to build cool stuff.
We develop products and services that help make this dream a reality.
Our web properties and applications include:
 – Behance Network, the leading online platform for creative professionals.
 – Served Sites, a growing set of curated galleries of exceptional creative work.
 – Action Method Online, a powerful task management application.
 – The 99%, a think tank devoted to empowering creative professionals.
And…we have an amazing pipeline.
Our ideal candidate is one who likes working throughout the LAMP stack.  Your favorite type of day is when you have to debug an API and client at the same time, all while tweaking the my.cnf and squashing the query that’s being run twice, for no good reason. 
You’ve had experience dealing with “luxury problems” like a rapidly growing user base, traffic spikes, crisis management, and growing data sets.  You can build real products from the ground up, no problem is insurmountable, and you’re determined to find ways to make it happen.
You are comfortable working in a collaborative team environment that feels a lot like family (in a good way). We’re not so much into hierarchy, we’re into transforming great ideas into revolutionary products. 
The Skills You Must Have:
 – Extensive knowledge of LAMP
 – A love/hate relationship with MySQL
 – Experience with building and consuming APIs / Web Services
 – Strong understanding of MVC frameworks
 – Experience with administering SVN
 – Knowledge of and experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript
 – Comfortable with AJAX based websites, JavaScript and jQuery, and debugging them.
 – A Stackoverflow account
We’re still building our dream team. If the person we described is you, well…what are you waiting for? Come join us.
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