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Location: Toronto or anywhere


We are a small, fast-paced but easygoing company with ambitious goals and big deadlines. We have a contract-to-hire opportunity for the right front-end developer/jQuery specialist. There’s a gap on our team between our lead developer/programmer and our interface/UI designer, who know just enough JavaScript to get themselves into trouble. Whether you lean toward design or the programming side of things, we can use you to lighten our load and get us organized.
Absolute must-have skills:
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery 1.4+
  • Serious organization and code optimization chops
  • Passion for users and solving their problems elegantly
  • Ability to be self-directed and proactive — we’re a small, manager-less team and you’ll be an equal player
The contract starts immediately. You will be working on a single project — a Web application built on our Daimio framework, that is well underway — getting deep inside the application and developing a thorough understanding of the problem space and the needs, desires, and struggles of our users.

We’ll need the following from you within the first four weeks:
  • Set up a flexible structure on the behavior layer to support current and future application interfaces
  • Audit, optimize, and troubleshoot existing JavaScript base (rewriting custom libraries and functions as necessary)
After that, we’ll need you to:
  • Be responsible for the jQuery/JavaScript layer, ensuring it works perfectly 100% of the time
  • Collaborate with UI designer and lead developer on producing new features using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a templating language
  • Actively contribute to the design and architecture of solutions – we don’t do mockups and are not pixel-perfectionists. We discuss problems and rapidly iterate working solutions and refine them when the time is right.

We’d be super excited if:
  • You’ve written a jQuery plugin
  • You’re familiar with MongoDB
  • You have encyclopedic knowledge of cross-browser/platform quirks (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7.0+) and how to wrangle them
  • You’ve got superb interaction/user interface design skills with a fresh, clean, lightweight touch
  • You’re interested in mobile (iPad/iPhone) interfaces
  • You’re familiar with PHP and interested in working on the open-source release of a new Web application development framework
  • You’re all over HTML5 and CSS3

What to expect:
  • Flexibility — work your own hours and from wherever you live.
  • Crystal clear communication and high accountability
  • Make your own position — our projects are industry-changing and we need good people on our team. If we both like the fit, a full-time position with the focus you want is yours.
Note: This is NOT a graphic designer position, and we are NOT looking for a programmer without front-end development and jQuery experience

To apply: Please apply to with a few sentences about your approach to structuring the behavior layer in a complex web app, and a link to your site/blog/portfolio demonstrating your work (you can skip the resume).

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