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Location: United States


What we are looking for:
You are the type of person who reads technical data sheets and APIs just for fun. You are someone who gets a sick pleasure out of coding and scripting. You can look at a problem and quickly think of several ways to fix it on a scale of very evil to less evil. You enjoy playing with cool new toys. You think of evil things to do to software developers who are lazy and make bad code. You enjoy looking over a source control system and seeing all the code you’ve published. You do the majority of your coding in a text based editor and think…who needs those fancy GUI editors anyway? You find it annoying that a Debian / Ubuntu package wasn’t available so you packaged a program yourself. Bonus points if you packaged your own software that you wrote. Triple bonus points if you are a Debian / Ubuntu package maintainer.
If this describes you then read on!
Bluecherry is seeking a well qualified applicant for a Linux Software Developer position. The position will also assist with training and support. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills with a strong background developing software applications under Linux. 
The candidate should also have extensive knowledge of Ubuntu. The position is full-time.  Telecommuting is an option.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Work with a team of developers on a Linux based surveillance application working closely with the Video4Linux2 and ALSA APIs
• Improve existing software and drivers.
• Provide user training, quality assurance, and support for these systems.
• Be on call and work outside of normal business hours as necessary.
• Travel to security / Linux conferences
• Prior experience in Linux based software design / implementation including design
• Extensive knowledge of Ubuntu, including building / maintaining Debian packages
• Extensive knowledge of the Video4Linux2 and ALSA sound API
• Prior experience with gstreamer, RTSP, Matroska container along with video encoding
• Prior experience with SQLite, Postgres and Mysql
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Strong knowledge of C, PHP, Javascript required. Knowledge of Perl and Python suggested
• Strong knowledge of Apache2 and prior experience in writing PHP modules
• Played a leading role in the design and develop of previous client / server based applications
• Previous work with and understanding of working with video / audio formatting / codecs including MPEG4 and H.264
• Internet and operating system security fundamentals
• Sharp analytical abilities and proven design skills
• Strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive
• Demonstrated ability to achieve goals in a highly innovative and fast paced environment
Some of the software we use:
• Redmine (Bug / Feature tracking with GIT integration)
• GIT (Source control)
• Breakpad
• Zendesk
Facts about Bluecherry:
Bluecherry LLC ( located in Fulton, MO is a leader in Linux video surveillance applications. We are a smaller company, but with quality developers with one goal: Make a video surveillance application that doesn’t suck. We have been supporting the Linux market since 2004 and are fixing to launch a public beta of version 2 of our Ubuntu based surveillance application. While our application is closed source, we support the open-source community by providing a GPL licensed MPEG-4 / H.264 driver. 

• Fulltime employees receive paid vacation, retirement plan and sick time. 
• Fulltime employees receive full coverage health insurance. Dental / Vision plans are optional
You must be based inside the United States. We will not entertain requests for work visas.

To apply: Send a resume and a cover letter to

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