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Location: Anywhere


We at Boetiek are aim to create the best cloud-based eXcommerce (experience commerce) platform for refined boutiques worldwide. To archive that we’re creating a small but highly effective team with deep understanding of visual arts, design, and of course Agile craftsmanship to deliver quality and excellence. Its an elegant mix of arts and engineering not very seen and deeply inspiring. 
We’re looking for an experienced Agile craftsman who can get elegant features up quickly. Strong experience in Ruby on Rails 3, jQuery, Amazon S3/EC2 is a must. We’re looking not only for experience but also committed to excellence. Solid knowledge of BDD; already using RSpec and Cucumber on daily basis. Clean Code book should have been previously read. We want LOCs to be as simple and universal as possible with today approaches. We are looking for the most clean and simple code possible. 
– Experience building scalable consumer-facing applications with Rails
– BDD, RSpec, Cucumber, Webrat, Selenium
– Agile Craftsmanship delivering in very quickly cycles
– Experienced with Ruby and Rails as well with Rack
– HTML5 APIs, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS 3, Ajax
– Amazon EC2/S3 cloud experience
– Cloud-based RESTful API design
– Heroku deployment, backups maintenance, security.
– Git, Github
– PosgreSQL
– General Unix understanding. Bash, Crons, etc
– Communicational skills, Good copy skills, RDoc
Highly desirable
– Previous experiences with eCommerce and Rails
– Active Merchant
– Sproutcore Framework, Cocoa, Objective-C
– NoSQL approaches (CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase)
– Node.js
– OAuth
– Haml
We also value
– We value aesthetics and UX understanding. 
– If you have interest in refine arts, fashion and design
– Creative solutions to problems 
This is a remote position to be available from anywhere. Its a great opportunity for those who prefer to stay out of the office environment and prefer not to stick to a specific location to do the job, like us. 
We would like to know more about you. Show us your Github repos, code you have done, live websites with running Javascript and CSS code you had written. If you send us resumes is okay, but we prefer to see in action what you have accomplished.

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