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Location: Chicago, Il


If this job isn’t right for you, we’ll pay you $5,000 if you refer
someone who is hired! Have them contact us or send us their contact
information and we will do all of the leg work.*
We are looking for an exceptional developer because we believe that
putting together deliberately smaller teams of all-stars is the best way
to build software. We are building interesting software in a space
without a lot of interesting software: payment solutions. We mostly work
with Rails, but we leverage other technologies appropriately. We
believe in using the best tool for the job. We value aptitude over
experience, maintainable teams and codebases, and tight feedback loops.
We prefer essence over ceremony. Our approach is to hire great
developers and place them into an environment that is conducive to
hacking and painting. This is as much an opportunity to define the team
as it is to be a part of it.
Here is what we are looking for:
– You’re articulate, persuasive, and tech-savvy and you like to build
beautiful user interfaces on top of awesome web apps/services
– You are a “go to” person because you’re reliable, creative,
resourceful, a good decision maker, and generally one of the most
capable people your peers know
– You’re accustomed to a small company environment that includes
wearing many hats and managing way too many things at any given time
– Your friends and former employers would gush about you and your awesomeness
We’re looking for somebody with at least 1 year of experience with:
– Ruby on Rails
– Linux/Unix
– Web development in general: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
– Testing (TDD/BDD)
– Version control, preferably Git
Had you been with us last month, this is what you would have done:
– Answered questions about our API
– Received praise for quickly and clearly helping a merchant with a problem
– Written integration examples in Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and .NET
– Defined best practices for merchants implementing payment processing logics
– Updated the Sinatra app that generates our API documented and deployed the updates to a server
– Took a break from support to pair program on gateway development
– Worked with our product manager to discuss the features that our customers most frequently request
– Resolved about 50 support tickets over the course of the month
– Explained to a merchant developer why they are seeing behavior they didn’t expect
– Debugged a snippet of code with a merchant
– Participated in our monthly retrospective, discussing what is going
well, what is going not so well, and then making concrete plans to
– Focused on making sure that we followed through on our plans from the last retrospective
– Started your day off with a stand-up meeting discussing progress and plans, and solving problems as a team
– Celebrated a record-breaking week of transaction processing volume
– Found and fixed a bug in our software based on a support question
– Designed a workaround for a use case that’s not yet directly supported
– Advocated for the priority of a highly requested feature
– Rearranged documentation to make the answer to a common question clearer
– Juggled a list of to do items while keeping up with incoming support tickets
– Taken the occasional incoming phone call from a developer with integration questions
– Worked with the sales team to maintain important customer relationships
– Created an example of a specific use case to share with a merchant
– Crafted a delicate response to a frustrated merchant developer
– Enjoyed congratulations from co-workers when the company gets public praise because of the support you gave
and after having done all of these things and more, you would have…
– Fit right in with everyone else who is working to thrill our customers and each other internally
– Been schooled in foosball and watched Patrick on the catwalk during the Hacker Makeover
– Been proud to be part of a company that is devoted to personal and team excellence
How to apply…
Please DO NOT apply if:
– You’d feel like a fish out of water without a well defined traditional corporate structure
– You’d consider taking out the trash as being below you
– You’re accustomed to using the phrase “it’s not part of my job description”
Please DO apply if:
– You have the desired experience (this is not a learn on the job position)
– You’re a doer – not a manager, a coordinator, or an idea person – but someone who loves to get stuff done, and done well
– You are a “go to” person because you’re reliable, creative,
resourceful, a good decision maker, and generally one of the most
capable people your peers know
– You’re
accustomed to a small company environment including wearing many hats
and managing way too many things at any given time
– You’re articulate, persuasive, and tech savvy
– Your friends and former employers would gush about you and your awesomeness
What we do…
We help businesses process credit card payments by providing a merchant
account, payment gateway, recurring billing and credit card storage.
The company is disrupting the payments industry by providing elegant
tools for developers coupled with white-glove support. We’re unlike
others in the industry; we think and do things differently and are
frequently told by our customers that we’re a breath of fresh air.
A few things about us…
We were founded in 2007, and are very fortunate to count among our
customers some of the largest, most reputable, and fastest growing
merchants in the U.S such as: LivingSocial, 37signals, OpenTable and
GitHub. Our team is now over 40 strong and the company is on track to
process more than $3 billion in credit card volume in 2011 from more
than 2,000 merchants. Braintree was profitably bootstrapped for four
years before accepting a $34 million investment from Accel Partners in
2011, and Braintree was ranked 47th in the 2011 Inc. 500. We’ve worked
unbelievably hard to deliver value and it’s paid off.
Our appealing work environment includes highly competent co-workers,
competitive pay, engaging work, casual dress, flexible schedule, full
health, vision and dental benefits, and 401k with employer match. We
have a dart board, foosball table, and bags (corn hole) in the office.
We work very hard and have a lot of fun. We thrive on doing things
better, more efficiently, and smarter. We are a flat organization. We
don’t have an employee hierarchy or official job titles (you choose your
own). We don’t have a vacation policy; we trust people to get their
work done and maintain a proper work life balance. We’re not looking for
people who want to move into management because we don’t have it.
We have unusually high expectations of our people. Here are a some characteristics that we value in each other:
1. Self management: both hands are firmly gripped on the steering wheel
2. Ownership: I’ve got it, you don’t need to think about it
3. Initiative: getting things done without the slightest nudge
4. Virtue: honesty, good deeds, kindness, and appreciation
5. Problem Solving: nothing that can’t be solved and improved
6. Team work: we before I
*NOTE: The referrer will receive this bonus only after the candidate is
employed at Braintree for at least 60 days after his or her start date.
The referrer must also complete and return a w-9 in order to receive
the bonus. The referrer is responsible for paying taxes on the referral
bonus. Also, to qualify for the referral bonus, the hired candidate must
have accepted our offer of employment within two months of your

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