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A Product Manager at is the linchpin of product innovation and business growth who strives to lead a matrixed team to deliver product excellence. The Product Manager’s ability to internalize and articulate the needs of customers, married with business savvy and technical competency, are leveraged to build trust, discipline, and passion across the organization. The Product Manager thrives as an individual contributor and in collaborative settings by defining product vision, guiding management on investment opportunities, and leading dedicated development teams to discover and produce products that deliver customer and business value.  In this job you will:
  • Become the companywide expert in the customers of your product.
  • Own, lead and evangelize the continual evolution of your product’s vision and roadmap.
  • Lead discovery processes, including market opportunities, user/customer research and prototyping to identify, evaluate and define products and features that are valuable, usable and feasible.
  • Evaluate partner/competitor activities for opportunity and context.
  • Define and maintain product KPIs, and use them to measure/report progress and to align product development to business strategy.
  • Grow and refine product backlog by prioritizing against short- and long-term value delivery.
  • Collaborate with development, user experience, solutions owners, and other team members throughout product definition and project delivery.
  • Make and own the hard decisions and trade-offs that emerge during product delivery when things don’t go exactly as planned.
  • Influence the decisions of highly matrixed development teams through vision, persuasion and the authority of expert customer intimacy.
  • Align product release planning in harmony with business strategy and other product roadmaps
  • Participate in and help lead the continued evolution of the product management organization and related processes.
A successful Product Manager is looked on as the expert in their product line’s customer base and in how value is delivered to and derived from those customers. While continuously evangelizing their product line, the Product Manager will drive multiple projects concurrently, be an effective decision maker, socialize product direction to key partners and constituents, and make cross-organizational relationships a success. You thrive in a self-start environment leading others to accomplish company and product goals through teamwork. You have a technical competency that allows you to effectively communicate across the organization regarding current technologies and can understand the implications regarding use of specific technologies.
Required Skills
  • Must have a strong ability to view the product that will exist in 2-3 years and socialize that vision
  • Must show ability to be a leader to all parties involved in the product-lifecycle
  • Must be able to manage priorities against needs of product customers, internal customers, and internal partners
  • Must have critical thinking skills to quickly make and measure decisions during planning and execution
  • Must be able to coherently discuss and differentiate opportunity, image, value and revenue
  • Must have the confidence to leverage intuition to translate the unknown opportunity into an actionable plan
Required Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a product manager
  • Minimum of 3 years of product management experience at a technology/IT company
  • Experience with display advertising and/or lead generation business models preferred

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