Carsonified: Senior Designer with a 4-Day Week

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We’re looking for two amazing new people to add to our team here at Carsonified HQ. You’ll get some nice benefits like …
  1. Four-day Work Week: The office is only open on Monday to Thursday. We want you to have an extra day to get out and live life away from your Mac and the Internets.
  2. Brand new iPhone 4. Bam.
  3. Your own MacBook Pro (we’re not a Windows kind of company).
  4. A big Apple Cinema Display.
  5. A comfortable Aeron Chair. You sit in your chair for most of your life. Might as well not wreck your back.
  6. Lunch on the house – every day. We buy a nice lunch for everyone every day, as we think it’s important to chat and get to know the team.
  7. No set working hours. Work whenever you want, from wherever you want. We don’t care as long as you get the job done.
  8. All-you-can-drink Innocent Smoothies. We want to do something small that will help make it easy for you to be healthy.
  9. Stage time. You’ll get a chance to speak at FOWD and FOWA, so it’s a great opportunity to raise your profile.

You do NOT need to be based at our office in Bath UK. No matter where you live, you can apply.
For this role, we’re looking for someone that loves the web – you live and breathe this stuff.
We are looking for a talented designer with a lot of experience designing web applications (not just static sites). You have to be passionate about creating an amazing user experience, whilst also understanding the underlying frontend tech and being zealous about standards and accessibility. You need to have good solid experience with …
  • HTML5 – Semantic, clean markup
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Integration with Rails
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • Accessibility
  • A/B Testing
  • Copy writing
We’d also like you to shoot one video per week for, so you need to be confident in front of a camera and be able to clearly teach web design topics.

To apply: Please don’t send your resume or CV. We’re looking to hire someone who truly stands out from the crowd, so please be creative when getting in touch:

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