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Location: San Francisco, CA


We’re looking for exceptional engineers to join the Causes Engineering team. You should have experience developing software in a variety of environments and should be comfortable with Linux servers, open-source databases, elegant code and efficient algorithms.
At Causes, engineers get a chance to make an impact right away in building products for our massive user base. 
Ideal candidates should have:
  • 4+ year college degree in computer science (or related) OR equivalent  professional experience
  • Work experience developing software in a business environment, preferably with Linux/UNIX
  • Database, application architecture and software systems design experience
  • Experience with at least one dynamic language (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Scheme, Lisp, etc.)
  • Excellent problem solving abilities, a firm grasp on algorithms and rock-solid computer science fundamentals
Of course greatness comes in all shapes, so we keep an open mind. We encourage you to apply if you like difficult technical challenges, helping society at large and having fun with great people.
Like puzzles? 
Solve this problem to catch our attention! Be sure to follow the instructions exactly.
Two words are friends if they have a Levenshtein distance of 1. That is, you can add, remove, or substitute exactly one letter in word X to create word Y. A word’s social network consists of all of its friends, plus all of their friends, and all of their friends’ friends, and so on. Write a program to tell us how big the social network for the word “causes” is, using this word list. Have fun!
Include your answer, along with your thought process, notes, and any code along with your resume.

To apply: Please send resume to

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