Causes: The Most World-Changing Ruby/Rails Developer in History. Seriously.

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Location: San Francisco, CA


We’re looking for excellent software engineers who like technical challenges, who want to help those activists taking on immense social and economic challenges, and who enjoy working with a friendly and fiercely competent team.
We have over 25 million active users on a series of Rails applications backed by MySQL databases, memcached, Redis and others. There are plenty of scaling and product challenges in addition to the deeply rewarding human side of our work: enabling and empowering those activists and nonprofits that are changing the face of the world for the better.
An ideal candidate will have:
• 4+ year college degree in computer science (or related) OR equivalent professional experience
• Work experience developing software in a business environment, preferably with Linux/UNIX
• Database, application architecture and software systems design experience
• Experience with at least one dynamic language: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Scheme, Lisp, etc. (Obviously Ruby/Rails are a plus, but not necessary)
• Excellent problem solving abilities, a firm grasp on algorithms and rock-solid computer science fundamentals
Of course greatness comes in all shapes, so we keep an open mind. We encourage you to apply if you like difficult technical challenges, helping society at large and having fun with great people.
Why Causes?
Nowhere else will you have the power to make such a positive impact on not just the activists (over 25 million active) and nonprofits (over 10 thousand working directly with us), but the Causes team itself (17 people total, 8 engineers). Your contributions at this stage in the company’s history will change how the company grows, how our software is used, and how the world is improved.
Causes was founded on the belief that in a healthy society, anyone can participate in change by informing and inspiring others. The most successful movements have always been born out of and held together by the bonds of real world relationships, and online social networks present never before seen opportunities for organizing. We strive to build tools for people to mobilize their friends for collective action, spread the word to friends of friends and acquaintances, and eventually launch movements that span local communities or even the globe.
You can play a huge part in those movements. Read more on our site:
Please note that this position is full-time and on-site only.
If you like puzzles and you want to catch our attention…
Solve this problem and follow the instructions exactly:
Two words are friends if they have a Levenshtein distance of 1.  That is, you can add, remove, or substitute exactly one letter in word X to create word Y.  A word’s social network consists of all of its friends, plus all of their friends, and all of their friends’ friends, and so on.  Write a program to tell us how big the social network for the word “causes” is, using this word list:
Have fun!

To apply: Send your text, PDF or HTML resume to with the subject “Software Engineer Position”. Be concise, eloquent and friendly, as we appreciate those attributes. If you worked on the puzzle, please include your answer, the number of words in

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