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Location: New York, NY

I am a successful NYC based serial entrepreneur starting a niche social
shopping website with enormous profit potential (even if only a few
thousand users wind up using it, but I’m sure we will have significantly more users then that 🙂 . The site is already
fully designed in photoshop files and I have detailed storyboards
demonstrating exactly how the site will work. Your pay to build the
first version of the website will be $10,000 USD and/or generous %
ownership of the website (plus an ongoing monthly fee for you to perform
any necessary maintenance on the site and make sure is remains up and
running smoothly). This is a freelance/contract position, HOWEVER, I will give you the
option to come on full time at a later date if you absolutely fall in
love with the project.

As the site’s CTO/Lead-Developer, you will be entirely responsible for taking
my PSD files and storyboards and then building them into a fully
functional website. I’m open to discussing a larger budget if you feel
you can’t program everything yourself and need to outsource some of the
grunt work to additional onshore or offshore developers.

From a pure tech POV, my site is a clone of with some
niche/clever/profitable social features built on top of it (and of
course a totally different design). By a clone, I mean
that when a user clicks on a product they are interested in buying, my
site will give the user the option to buy it directly from my website
AND also show the user prices that other ecommerce sites are selling the
same product for. Please see this screen shot for an

When a user buys an item directly from my site I plan to use services
like and other drop ship suppliers to instantly supply and ship
the item (allowing my site to keep a totally “virtual” inventory of
physical products). To let users compare prices other sites are selling a
product for before buying the product directly from my site, I plan to
use the API/affiliate-programs of large ecommerce sites such,, and so on.

I am guessing the site could be built pretty quickly using a combination
of Ruby on Rails, Magento, Lucene/Nutch, Java and/or Javascript, MySQL
and more. HOWEVER, I will use whatever programing language, open source
software, licensed software and so on that YOU the CTO/Lead-Developer feel is
best for the project. Getting the site built as quickly as possible and
the ability to make quick/agile changes on the fly (without having to
sacrifice code quality or scalability) is very important to me.

Look forward to hearing from you (and totally
blowing your mind when you see the full idea, storyboards and PSDs !!!:)

Developer requirements are as followed:

1. Must be based in or near New York City.

2. Must have understanding of how to technically integrate with drop
ship suppliers. (Experience working with complex ecommerce related
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems is a major plus.)

3. Must have understanding of how to combine the APIs/affiliate-programs
from many different ecommerce websites into a single “mashup” on my

4. Must have deep technical understanding of Facebook and Twitter integration.

5. A major plus (but, not a requirement) would be experience working at
an ecommerce website carrying over 100k different products and/or
“virtual” drop ship inventory.

6. Web firms please don’t apply. I am only interested in hiring a single freelance CTO/Developer.



To apply: Please send resume to

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