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Location: New York, NY (NYC)


Software Engineer / Core Technology team member
A stealth startup in the NYC area is seeking
a core technology team member to help design, scale and implement the
technology vision for an emerging b2b financial information startup.   We are seeking up to 2 key engineering team
members.  The company is founded by
executives from GLG (Financial information firm) and from Yahoo, the
diversified media company. 
We are seeking driven, high-energy team
members to play a key role on the core engineering team, with the opportunity
to work on all aspects of technical development, architecture, and
management.  In addition, this role will evolve as the business
grows, with flexibility to assume different positions.  This is a
great opportunity for someone who wants to get in on the ground floor of an
exciting startup.
We left
comfortable positions at larger institutions (Wall St. Firm and Big Corporate
Media company) in order to to roll-up our
sleeves and to build a compelling product and to create an interesting
business.   We believe in the following
core values and principles:
1.    Meritocracy:  we believe in the power of
ideas and in talented, smart, energetic people to execute and make those ideas
a reality.  You will never be faulted for
introducing a novel idea or approach for debate and discussion in a respectful
debate forum.
2.    Professional
:    we
believe in cultivating talent and mentoring through our years of experience and
extensive business networks.  While we
are hyper-focused on growing our business, we want well-rounded individuals
with outside interests.  And we want to
create opportunity to help those individuals develop as professionals.  That is part of our responsibility and the
environment we want to foster.
3.    Delighting
our customers
:   we believe in creating an excellent product/
market fit and delighting our customers through product and service
excellence.   Everything in our
organization (From Product to Service to Sales) is aligned with creating Loyal
and delighted users. 
  • 3-8 years of prior experience in a web
    development, back-end and/or front-end experience for an Internet startup,
    advertising network, or Search Engine
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    including: able to lead whiteboard sessions, create technical
    specifications, debate technical tradeoffs, and explain technical concepts
    to business users
  • Make effective infrastructure,
    stack/protocol/standards, and technology implementation decisions that
    will allow this SaaS-deployed business 
    to scale appropriately
  • “Roll-up your sleeves” attitude to get things
    done and hard-charging drive to succeed
  • Prior experience with back-end and front-end
    development (i.e. multi-disciplinary) with knowledge of the following LAMP
    stack, MySQL, PHP, Perl, jQuery, Javascript. HTML, development MVC based
    framework, etc.
  • Enthusiasm to learn new technologies, and get
    involved in all parts of the technology stack
Experiences with Amazon Web Services, Linux,
Cloud Computing, and some experience doing basic systems administration
Deep understanding of database design, efficient
SQL queries
Experience supporting operational
infrastructure/services (especially in a startup/small organization)
Although not necessary, some exposure to
financials industry segment and back-office systems of financial
Ability to work efficiently with Git/
distributed project management
B.S. in Computer Science, Mathematics,
Engineering (or professional experience)
Other evidence of passion, technical expertise,
and accomplishment

Please send interested candidates my way and feel free to forward this
position to anyone you think might be qualified and interested.
Contact info:

To apply: Please send a resume to: ; OR


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