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Location: Chicago, IL


You will join a small team responsible for the Linux operating system at the heart of Cleversafe’s line of storage appliances.  Along with your team members, you will maintain a customized Linux distribution and kernel.  We use and customize existing packages as well as create packages of our own.  The work is wide-ranging in scope and in challenge; creating appliances requires customization in all areas of the operating system.
This is not a systems administration position.  The ideal team member is a systems-level programmer, distribution maintainer, and has some systems administration experience.  If you contribute to Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or any of the other popular Linux distributions, we’re interested in you!  Wherever possible, we contribute back to upstream projects.
– Demonstrable fluency in C and shell scripting
– Knowledge of the way a Linux OS is assembled and functions, from power-on to power-off
– Proficiency in networking (TCP/IP, HTTP), source control, and build tools
– Systems administration experience beyond that of a casual Linux user
– Make reliable and accurate estimates and meet deadlines with high quality work product
– Ability and tenacity to solve technical issues through analysis and a variety of problem-solving techniques
– Strong communication skills in the form of oral and written that are clear, logical, structured, factual and/or compelling
– Flexibility to perform in an ever-changing work environment under tight time constraints and pressure
– Experience in maintaining Debian or RPM packages
– Systems or kernel programming experience
– Knowledge of local and SAN storage systems
– Fluency in Python
A bachelor’s degree in CS, CE, or EE; or equivalent demonstrated experience.
Cleversafe is an innovative storage technology company located in Chicago. We are revolutionizing the storage industry by executing against our goal of enabling the world to confidently store and distribute limitless data. Our cutting edge technical accomplishments have received numerous awards such as the coveted Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award. Our highly ambitious pursuits are fueled primarily by the people we hire. Named one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest, we look for outstanding, motivated people who are passionate and dedicated team players.  We offer a flexible, casual work environment and exceptional career opportunities, but expect a strong and passionate work ethic.  

To apply: Please send resume and cover letter to:

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