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Location: San Francisco, CA


We are looking for an
exceptionally talented individual to join our development team as we change the
way users create vivid memories out of their videos and photos.  If you are self-driven, like to manage
architecture from design to implementation, love to take on very interesting
technical challenges and love making people smile, you are probably a good fit.

About us
We are an
early-stage, VC funded startup that is looking to create a solution for the
huge amount of raw user generated content in the world.  We are doing this by building a global
community of skilled artists that provides end users with high-quality,
crowdsourced and affordable video-editing services to individuals.  Now you can, without any work on your part,
transform your pictures and videos of life events into awesome highlight clips. 
Initial customers
have been ecstatic with the product. Now we are looking to build on our early
success and ready the product for scale and new, slick, features.
We like to build
things fast, run tests often, and makes changes where needed.  As a small company, we value and want
everyone’s opinion. We like people who are not afraid to disagree and to
brilliantly show us that there’s a better way to do it. 

What we are looking for:
We are looking for someone
who loves Rails but is also really wants to learn how to handle large amounts
of video and pictures in a large-scale, multi-user cloud platform.  
The ideal person
loves to sit down and write code so beautiful that would make mama proud (if
only she understood one word of it), while helping us solve the complex issues
of handling gigabytes of user content, cloud encoding, distributed editing
scenarios and many other features.  Our backend will involve
handling storage of large files and processing a large number of videos
together with social networking aspects as well.
You will be part of
the coding team, writing most of our code together with our other
developers.  As we grow, you would assume
a more managerial/architectural role in the development team.  

Technical Skills:
  • 3-5 years of Ruby on Rails experience is a must
  • Experience with cloud deployments (our entire stack runs on EC2)
  • Comfortable with HTML & CSS (we have designers on board but
    this helps)
  • Some fancy computer science degree is a perk
  • Bonus for experience with a) handling large file uploads
    to AWS or other server environments, b) backend video
    encoding/transcoding, c) user rating systems and
    other reward systems

Our Tech
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EngineYard), Rails 3, HAML/SASS,
    Github, jQuery and SWFUpload

  • Self-learning and hands off. 
    We want to let you run with projects as you see fit
  • Good at recruiting and managing devs below you; experience with
    leading dev teams
  • Be willing to hang out, have fun and build something great
  • Excellent communication skills, capable of explaining highly
    technical problems in English
  • Ability to beat the founders at Team Fortress 2 (a challenge if
    you will)

Compensation & Perks:
  • Market compensation inline with experience (combination of cash +
    equity).  We heart developers and want
    them to be happy.
  • Impromptu
    office soccer games and judo lessons
  • A
    helicopter (ask us about it)

To apply: Send us a resume and quick note to

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