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Location: San Francisco, California


CloudCrowd has just raised a $5m venture round and is taking off like a rocketship. We are building a set of massively disruptive applications on top of next-generation crowdsourcing (we call it “Widesourcing”).
Only a very few people, as yet, understand the explosive potential of CloudCrowd’s Widesourcing platform. In part, that’s because those people who even know what crowdsourcing is tend to associate it with masses of low-value drudge tasks done at the behest of enterprise overseers.
There’s plenty of that kind of work, but that’s not where we’re going.  We’re taking work that has NEVER been streamlined, such as the writing of press releases and the creation of databases, and turning them into highly-collaborative factory operations.  We’re developing a major SEO application, and a major push into merchandising. This is one of the most significant platform opportunities in technology today. Our press release application will revolutionize a business sector that has seen no change in 70 years. Our SEO push will bring scary efficiencies to what has to date been a wild frontier.
With a 50,000 strong workforce, and more than 2 million tasks under its belt, CloudCrowd is poised to be one of the hottest companies of 2011. Want to work on platform that will be used by millions of consumers and businesses? CloudCrowd’s Widesourcing platform has recently been featured on NBC, ABC, in USA Today, and in TechCrunch. Widesourcing takes the possibilities of the original CrowdSourcing experiments and turns them into a real-time labor platform that will rival social networking in global impact.
  • We’re looking for great engineers who like building deep. Some of the Back-End characteristics we’re looking for:
  • Deep understanding of the “stack”: from tcp connection down to SQL queries
  • Expert knowledge developing and debugging in and on *nix platforms
  • Infrastructure / operational mentality
  • Have actually solved real-world scale problem(s)
  • Tech skills we’re looking for: ruby + rails + sinatra + datamapper, Apache + nginx, SQL (MySQL)
Benefits include stock options, health benefits, and more.
We’re in the SOMA part of San Francisco.

To apply: Please send a resume and cover letter to

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