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Location: Philadelphia, PA


Comcast Interactive Media (CIM), Comcast’s online media division, is seeking a Build Engineer to join the Strategic Infrastructure engineering group at its Philadelphia location. The Strategic Infrastructure group is responsible for developing and maintaining fault-tolerant, scalable software that helps CIM launch new products efficiently and with confidence.  If you are excited by the thought of developing software that delivers web content to millions of users a month, across multiple data centers, then this is the position for you!
Comcast is searching for a build engineer to help accelerate an effort already underway to make continuous delivery of software a reality within our group.  The build engineer is envisioned to help support our current methodology and continuous integration as well as help shape, design and drive the future way in which software is delivered and deployed.  We need someone with the desire to have high levels of organizational visibility into our software deliverables, their quality and preparedness for deployment into any one of our many software environments.  Our build engineer will work to drive commonality and simplicity across the various deliverable artifacts in our environment
Responsibilities include:
– Consistent ability to produce technical designs and implementations that are robust, maintainable, and meet the needs at hand and are well-accepted by peers and other technical leaders
– Writing code that meets functional requirements and is testable and maintainable
– Writing tests to verify that code meets functional requirements
– Presenting technical material to technical and non-technical audiences
– Prioritizing work across multiple projects
– Mentoring more junior members of the technical staff
– Convert all current jenkins builds from jenkins to anthill pro in preparation for auto deployment and continuous delivery.
– Maintain and improve our build systems, which will include hooks for Unit Tests, Code Review tools, and any other tools that would improve upon the development cycle. 
– Design and implement production automated deployments from AnthillPro.
Must have worked with and be proficient in the following:
Beanshell, groovy, or javascript
Shell Scripting (Bash)
Should have a good working knowledge of any of the following:
Nexus Maven repository
Cobertura (code coverage)
Sonar (analytics)
Configuration management tools (CFengine)
Continuous Delivery
Automated Testing (Unit, Integration, Other)
Fabric – Deployment Automation Tool (Capistrano, etc)
Additional Requirements
– Candidate for this position should have ability to code and work with code in order to solve problems presented
– Candidate should know and understand agile development processes (scrum, and kanban), working collaboratively to
solve problems and challenges presented by the organization. 
– Successful candidate should have an ability to design/architect solutions for auto-deployment and environment 
management as it relates to the code delivery and CI processes
– Successful candidate for this position should be comfortable with peer review, and pairing to accomplish a goal
that is reasonable not only for the original personas request but broadly applicable for the entire organization
– Automate wherever feasible, and proactively seek opportunities to improve upon team tools and processes.   
– The ideal candidate is a software engineer by training and experience but finds himself solving problems at the 
intersection of application development, system engineering and operations.
– Passionate about efficiency and automation
– Strong and innate ability to collaborate and communicate with others

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