: Senior Programmer/Architect with Rails experience needed to Lead our team

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Location: Chicago River North


Who we are:
Coupontrade is a new interactive marketplace that offers an amazing service.  We built a unique marketplace for unused or unredeemed daily deals and gift cards, that lets the seller dictate the selling price of their products. We plan to continue to create innovative, interesting, useful and fun products that will give our customers easy ways to share and use gift cards, coupons, and daily deals, not to mention the upcoming features and functionality that you will have your hands on.
Who you are:
You are a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer/Architect with industry experience.  You love solving problems, exploring new technologies and tend to ask insightful questions such as:  “Why is this working the way it works? How can we make it better?” You have a few+  years of web development experience and are looking for an exciting new opportunity with a fully funded start-up. Ideally, you have a background in  Perl, Python, or PHP as well as strong HTML/CSS/AJAX/MySQL/XML/JSON skills. You always write Rspec tests and or use Cucumber.  You are a team player who’s steady, level-headed, willing to work hard and get the job done. You consider yourself the CEO of your projects, and will fight to get it done the right way . . . even if we don’t believe you at first.
What we offer:
  • Full time job
  • Up to 130k for a yearly salary 
  • Employee Stock Options 
  • Flexible hours 
  • Great location close to public transportation and lots of good places to eat in walking distance (Ohio & Wells) 
  • Great office culture and open space, Exposed brick and timber loft 
  • Top of the line hardware -“Apple 27” imac with extra monitor, or PC
  • Paid Vacation (2 weeks)
  • Health Plan 
More about us:
We’re a 9 – 5 office, although sometimes we’re a 9-to-when-it’s-done office. We’d prefer to find someone with a solid work ethic, willing to see the value of staying a few extra hours to finish a project, but also calling it a day when it gets too stressful. We don’t ask fancy mind-teaser questions to our developers, and we don’t let our office culture get in the way of the way our developers work best.
We have a marketing team that can occasionally get a little rowdy, but developers will rarely have contact with that team (except for during Beer O’Clock.) Our development team works primarily each other and the COO, who has extensive web development management experience and already has one successful website under his belt.  
We also believe that in general, honesty and true happiness makes for a better office culture. Rather than running our company like a communist dictatorship, we allow for open communication, and are very open-minded towards personal days/needs.
If you want to know what it’s like to work here, check out our blog and facebook fan page…..

To apply: Please send an email to, leave a couple of windows/time slots that you are available for a quick phone call. (day or night) The email should also include your resume/portfolio.

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