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Location: San Francisco, CA

Client Services Engineer

About CrowdFlower
CrowdFlower is changing the way work gets done. We build a quality control system that distributes work to half a million people around the world, and analyzes the results to guarantee the highest possible accuracy. We have a real business model, our revenues are growing, and were venture-backed. We also have a sweet office in the Mission at 16th and Valencia. Its taco time—all the time.

We offer an array of excellent benefits: health insurance, new MacBook Pros, 30" monitors, free drinks and snacks, and flexible work hours. Also, we boast the biggest collection of office plants this side of the Mississippi.

About the Job
CrowdFlower is looking for a Client Services Engineer to work closely with our enterpriese clients and account managers to design hot crowdsourced solutions to data-driven problems. The ideal candidate is personable and patient; (s)he is able to listen carefully to assess technical requirements from general problem descriptions, then translate them into elegant UIs waiting to accept and emit precisely formatted data. The Client Services Engineer will own projects from beginning to end, working with the front-end web dev toolset (including our own markup language, CML), providing technical support, and establishing lasting relationships with clients.

Essential Skills

Youve built a few websites and have a solid grasp of HTML and CSS. You and the webkit developer console are very close (platonically, though you wanted more).  You handle most cross-browser issues as second nature (we support IE7+), and you know where to look in case you get stuck.

Your code skates effortlessly up and down the DOM. You know at least one modern javascript framework (MooTools, JQuery, Sencha/ExtJs, Prototype) and have done some cool stuff with it. Youre aware of how scope works in javascript:

Data Manipulation and Scripting
Remember The Matrix with all those crazy Chinese symbols rushing down a jet-black terminal window?! Its not exactly like that. But you should be able to quickly write scripts to manipulate CSV, JSON, XML, and other serialized data formats. You should be comfortable working with large datasets and be aware of bugs/edge cases in these situations. Ruby preferred, python cool too.

Know what it is and how a modern web app works.

You should be comfortable working with people–phone, email, in-person–and able to listen and ask questions when appropriate. Youre not afraid to jump in with a better solution if you have one, or work with other engineers if you dont know the best approach.

Be able to handle mulitple projects and have the ability to budget your time well in order to meet deadlines. We dont micromanage.


Command of Ruby
Youve leveled up and now hang wth class_eval and send in the eigenclass lounge.

Command of MooTools
Were a MooTools shop and it helps to speak fluent Moo.

Eye for Design
Grasp of the basic tenets of design: flow, harmony, repetition, photoshop.

Youve hacked on your own apps, gems or open-source projects. You <3 Github and Github <3s you. CS
Knowing how to write efficient code and choose the right data structures for the job, or a willingness to learn, is a plus.

Nobel Prize
Weve hired non-winners before, but we look at them kind of funny.

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