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Location: San Francisco, CA

About Us:
CrowdFlower is changing the way work gets done. We build a quality control system that distributes work to half a mlilion people around the world, and analyzes the results to guarantee the highest possible accuracy. We have a real business model, our revenues are growing, and were venture-backed. And we have a pimp office in the Mission at 16th and Valencia. Its taco time – all the time.
The Job:
CrowdFlower has a highly automated platform thats growing quickly. As our resident DevOps Engineer, youll be building the system automation that allows our system to grow smoothly while maintaining very high availability. Our system has been automated using Chef from the early days – now were expanding into the cloud, and our system automation is moving from best practice to mission critical.
We thrive on innovation. Our company is at the forefront of the emerging crowdsourced labor market. We want to see the best ideas you have.
A few things youll focus on as a DevOps engineer here:
  • Automating infrastructure – quickly build, deploy and destroy servers for every purpose, from quick testbeds to mission-critical clusters
  • Scaling our platform – figure out how to most efficiently distribute work across the globe
  • Debugging runtime problems – trace issues across multiple systems, eliminate them, and measure the results.
  • Solving complex problems with simple, repeatable solutions
  • Performance analysis – you should feel comfortable working all the way down the stack, starting with a slow web request and ending with an analysis of network-based disk IO
  • Determining best estimates to difficult problems – how many burritos are consumed every day in the Mission?
  • Solid command of system automation frameworks and concepts
  • Unix mastery
  • Prior experience building out and scaling at least one significant production apps infrastructure
  • Sysadmin experience, whether official or not
  • Excellent system-level thinking – we want you to help design our systems, not just implement specs. You should have opinions on
  • configuration management
  • build and deploy strategies
  • imperative vs declarative configuration
  • trending and reporting systems
  • system security
  • A solid open-source portfolio
  • Ruby mastery
  • Crowdsourcing – the name of our game – big ups if youre familiar
  • Stats – numbers are the – the more you can geek out at this level, the better
  • Level 3 or higher proficiency in humor
  • We use the best tools, so lets talk keywords. Show us your experience in:
  • Chef or Puppet
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EBS, Mechanical Turk – the whole #!)
  • Other configuration frameworks like cfengine, lcfg, bcfg2, etc
  • Debian/Ubuntu package management
  • Redis
  • Mongo, Riak, or Couch
  • Postgresql
  • Unicorn
  • runit, daemontools and friends
  • rsyslog
  • Rack apps
  • Resque
  • Git
  • Chapulines enchilados

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