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Location: San Francisco, CA

About Us:
CrowdFlower is changing the way work gets done. We build a quality control system that distributes work to half a mlilion people around the world, and analyzes the results to guarantee the highest possible accuracy. We have a real business model, our revenues are growing, and were venture-backed. We also have a sweet office in the Mission at 16th and Valencia. Its taco time-all the time.
We offer an array of excellent benefits: health insurance, new MacBook Pros, 30″ monitors, free drinks and snacks, indoor bike parking, and flexible work hours. Also, we boast the biggest collection of office plants this side of the Mississippi.
The Job:
Were looking for someone whos equally comfortable relentlessly pursuing a task independently or pairing up to get a job done. You should be able to design and implement the best solution to a given problem from start to finish. Youll work directly with client services to give the best experience to our customers, while continually improving our core product offering-the best crowdsourcing toolset anywhere. We thrive on innovation-our company is at the forefront of the emerging crowdsourced labor market.
Our front-end is used by thousands of people every hour around the world. Everything our engineers do has real and tangible impacts. You wont be just another cog in the machine.
A few things youll focus on as a front-end developer at CrowdFlower:
* Implementing custom interfaces for our clients.
* Distilling complex requirements into simple interfaces that make our account managers jobs easer.
* Improving our documentation and refactoring existing JavaScript as needed.
* Helping us build a solid front-end test suite.
* Ensuring that our interfaces work on modern browsers, as well as Internet Explorer 7 and up. Dont worry, well never ask you to touch IE 6. Ever.
* A solid command of JavaScript. When something breaks, you either know exactly why it broke, or can find out easily.
* The ability to bend CSS to your will. You know what “has layout” means and often dream of forgetting what it means someday.
* A keen eye for design that tends towards simplicity and typography. Every component of your designs has a purpose.
* The ability to manage your time and projects yourself. We dont micromanage.
* Ruby skills. Were a Ruby and Merb shop. The more Ruby skills you have, the better.
* A good grasp of exactly why HTML5 and CSS3 are the coolest things since “under construction” animated GIFs.
* A deep and profound love of MooTools.
* Git skills and GitHub repos full of cool stuff youve hacked on.
* Crowdsourcing (the name of our game). Big ups if youre familiar.

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