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Location: New York


We are looking for an experienced JavaScript / Front End Developer to join our smart team in New York City in a well-funded startup. We have a fun, generous company culture that’s built on our fundamental principle that when you give more, you get more.
• Bring toys to the office but still think the most fun thing to do is build product
• Provide lunches, drinks and snacks so our team can be hungry for other things
• Learn from and teach each other at CrowdTwist U
• Try to say what we mean and mean what we say
• Offer competitive salary and benefits to appeal to the best of the best
• Are a programmer at heart but have some design chops too
• Choose CoffeeScript over vanilla JavaScript but are proficient in both
• Understand the benefits of client-side templates and CSS preprocessing
• Believe that there is a place for unit and acceptance testing on the front end
• Prefer Git for version control and have a Github profile
• Value modularity and dependency management
• Know how to bring HTML5 and CSS3 features to older browsers
• Use Photoshop regularly to prepare assets for the web
• Can follow style guides and bring wireframes to life
• Are familiar with HTML5 boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap
• Build with mobile responsiveness in mind
• Are excited by the possibilities of Node.js
• Look for ways to automate repetitive tasks where appropriate
• Are comfortable with server-side languages and making basic changes if necessary
• Aren’t afraid of working from the command line
• Use OS X or Linux as your operating system of choice
• Read Hacker News or something similar to keep up with the times
• Have a personal webpage and other online presence e.g. Dribbble, Stack Overflow
• Work on personal projects for fun and to increase your skill set
• Are aware of accelerator programs such as TechStars and Y Combinator

To apply: Send your resume to us at:

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