ElasticSales: YC startup looking for Hacker/Coder/Engineer #4

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Location: Palo Alto, CA

URL: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=oCy2VfwR&s=37jobs

Come help us hold back the wall against the Sales team growing in the other room.  Why are they growing so fast? Revenue.  Paying customers.  Are we still qualified to call ourselves a startup?
We are looking to add the fourth person to our engineering team.  What will you bring to our team that we don’t already have?  Tell us.
As the fourth person you should be versatile and sociable, but if you are that as awesome coder who just wants to be locked in a closet and left to vim/textmate/xcode, that is fine too.
  • You must be willing and able to learn new technologies and languages
  • You must be able to work as a team
  • You should be willing to take random road trips as a dev team (Vegas, SXSW, etc)
  • Should be a fan of 20% time projects
  • Willing to give it over 100% since you will be getting equity as well as a slightly submarket salary.
The next three “roles” we would like to fill in our engineering team are:
  • Cocoa/iOS Developer – UI/UX experience preferrable, but most important is that you write code
  • Data Scientist type role.  Take our large and growing database and not only make cool things with it, but directly drive revenue with your findings and optimizations
  • Back-End Python Dev with experience with Django and NoSQL.
Anyone considered for this role will be asked to come to the office, and hack with us on a project for 4 hours.  We will feed you for this, and if you want, the project can be something OSS or otherwise that you have been meaning to get done but want to impress us.  We will have a short “product” style meeting first, and then hacking, and then review. 
ElasticSales is EC2 for SalesPeople.  Startups and technology companies can refocus the energy they spend on sales back into the product, and leaving the selling to us.  With the technology we have built, our salespeople outperform their salespeople 4 to 1.  Our goal is 10 to 1, and thats why we need you.
AWS: We make electricity, so you don’t have to.
ES: We sell your service so you don’t have to.
We are comfortably funded, and should have health insurance by the time you join.

To apply: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=oCy2VfwR&s=37jobs = Application Page

feel free to hack the above link to make your own job-posting source.

or email us with your resume, and tell us about one time you subverted authority and prevailed.


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