EllisLab, Inc.: Designer/UI/UX Lead, A Practitioner of Visual Delight

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Location: Anywhere, USA

URL: http://ellislab.com

EllisLab is a human-friendly company that helps people succeed through better web software. We make CodeIgniter & ExpressionEngine, two highly respected projects used by Fortune 100 companies, top web agencies, and everyone in between. We also like fun, small projects with big ideas, such as MojoMotor.
You’ll make life online better with a small, talented, friendly, team from the comfort of your home or wherever you prefer to work.
Your primary job will be to make people smile when they use any EllisLab application, starting with our flagship web publishing platform ExpressionEngine, by owning the UI and user experience. You will make this your baby. Your baby will delight people and they will be impressed that your baby, though only 2, speaks seven languages fluently and can do advanced algebra. But, more importantly, your baby will make their lives easier and happier. Just seeing your baby will make people smarter and quite possibly better looking.
Your ability to visually delight will inspire good work in others; it will give them pride and a sense of ownership. Your work will make people post “Oh, you got to check out this out” on Twitter and give you a Like on Facebook. Of course, posting teaser shots to Dribbble will elicit a raised eye brow from your peers followed by constructive criticism.
Strong candidates will make everyone around them better at UI, UX, and design in deliberate, testable, scalable ways.
Candidates with exceptionally strong resumes and appropriate experience will be considered for the Creative Director position in which you will make any visual encounter with EllisLab a delightful one. This is not a pre-requisite, just a real opportunity for the right person.
All candidates need to be comfortable with public criticism, because you’re going to get a lot from the brightest, most passionate Community ever. You crave their criticism as Popeye craves spinach.
  • Title set based on experience & chosen direction
  • Reports to: CEO/Community at Large
  • Hours: Full-time salaried position (must be able to work US business hours)
  • Salary: Negotiable based on experience
  • Location: Work from home, US preferred but not required
  • Craft delightful, cohesive, and effective UI for all EllisLab products
  • Contribute to UX culture at EllisLab (testing, influencing, training)
  • Contribute to creation and implementation of new EllisLab software
  • Maintain regular and expedient communication with the Development Team
  • Actively engage in communication with third party developers and other community members
  • Help maintain all documentation pertaining to EllisLab software as changes are made or problems are foundOther duties as needed

  • Experience with web publishing tools
  • Passion for cutting edge HTML & CSS
  • Excellent communication and organization skills

Exceptional Qualifications:
  • Regularly write on Design, UX, and UI topics
  • Have worked on shipped applications (web based or not)
  • Experience in JavaScript coding and familiarity with jQuery
  • Experience working in a Scrum environment
  • Familiar with iOS design and related tools 
  • Are, or desire to be, public leaders in the field of design (and/or related disciplines)
  • Have been DaringFireballed for their work?

To apply: Send your resume to jobs@ellislab.com. Your attention to detail counts.

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