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Location: San Antonio, TX or Berkeley, CA

URL: http://www.emetric.net

Want to make a meaningful impact in the K-12
assessment ecosystem?
eMetric is a growing leader in providing web-based assessment
and score reporting systems in the K-12 public school assessment industry. This
industry is due for a massive technological overhaul in the coming years, and
eMetric is poised to be one of the premiere leaders in providing solutions that
state and local school districts eagerly seek as the U.S. public schooling
system strives to remain competitive with other nations’ systems. eMetric takes
pride in cutting edge web development to provide these solutions.
We are looking for talented web developers who can work on one
of our upcoming projects that has the potential to revamp the way in which
computer-based assessments are developed and delivered.  We hope you can
join us.
We need well-rounded individuals who:
  • Have
    extensive experience with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Are
    fluent with HTML5
  • Remain
    up to date with the latest CSS3 practices
  • Have working knowledge of iOS and Android platforms
  • Can
    work in a small team of 4-8 other developers
These are the core requirements. We primarily hope to find
someone that meshes well with eMetric’s social and work environments.
eMetric has offices in both San Antonio, TX and Berkeley, CA.
With an employee base of around 45, working here is typical of what working at
a successful small business is like: you learn everyone’s name, you develop
close relationships with coworkers, and you have fun at our many gatherings. As
part of a small, agile development team, you will be tasked with making crucial
design decisions and implementing these ideas into the final product. If all of this appeals to you, we hope you’ll
contact us with your information.

To apply: Send a portfolio of your relevant web development work to jobs@emetric.net. A resume could also be useful so we can get a preliminary idea of who you are!

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