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Location: Ashland, Oregon

URL: http://emyth.com/newdesign

EMyth is developing a web platform that offers an unprecedented real-world business education, as well as innovative tools to facilitate the next generation of business coaching. We’re looking for a passionate UI Designer to join us in crafting experiences for our customers that convey our competence and care.
We’re an established company (over 35 years) with a startup feel, and we embrace “best of the web” as our standard for design. Our team is driven, we pay deep attention to detail, and we design from feeling.
If you are the person for this position you are passionate about rapidly creating functional designs grounded in structural concepts that just work. You can translate data-driven UX research into dead-simple interactions, and inspire and delight through pixel-perfect mockups that exude care and precision. You know that technology is a means, not an end, and you strive to elicit emotional experiences, not just clicks and conversions.
You will join a small team of designers who give deep attention to empathic user experience. You’ll have a voice in the design process from context to content, end to end. The work you produce will be implemented using cutting-edge web technologies by our development team, who love to push the edge of what’s possible in a browser.
Skills Needed:
– Experienced working with design and development teams to ensure a seamless and beautiful user experience.
– Experience with the constraints and capabilities of front-end technologies: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery. We assume that you’ve spent some time developing in these, but you consider yourself a designer at heart. You like to read articles about jQuery, etc.
– Expert knowledge of Photoshop for web production: You’re meticulously organized (your layers are titled and grouped), and take care to ensure that every pixel is in its place for production (“Why is that header 1 pixel outside the grid?”).
– Adept in taking site and web application designs through structural concept, wireframe, mockup, and QA to production deployment.
– Strong experience with the responsive design process: every page we create is responsive.
– Optionally, you can wow us through your ability to skip Photoshop and mockup in-browser with a responsive framework and HTML/CSS/JS.
You could be a fit for the position and the company if:
– You’re passionate about web and UI design, and your competence shows it. You want to design the future of the web. You’re comfortable taking risks – pushing the limits of web technology.
– You see the web as a tool that can be stretched in every way possible in order to express our values and products in the most clear and empathic way. You care enough to learn, feel and eventually shape how EMyth expresses through the web, inside to out, from values to views.
– You love great design, empathic user experience, and meaningful typography.
– You have strong opinions about modern web philosophies and frameworks.
– Every time you use a web application or site, you notice the little things that make or break the experience. (We’ll be asking about these in your interview.)
– You can rise to our high standards that are a downstream expression of our core values of Challenging, Caring, and Competent.
– You get that ownership of your role is within the context of your life … which means that working here is an expression of your passion.
A few details:
– This position is full time, based in Ashland, OR.
– We provide fantastic benefits.
– We are open to discussing moving assistance.

To apply: Don’t send a cover letter, just introduce yourself in an email. Include the two websites you believe exemplify great user interfaces, and tell us why. Attach your resume or a link to your portfolio and work history. Email these to: apply1@emyth.com

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