En Masse Entertainment: Senior Rails Applications Engineer

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Location: Seattle, WA

Are you an engineer who is passionate about creating user
interfaces within scalable frameworks that are easy to maintain? If so,
we want to talk to you!
En Masse Entertainment is looking for a Senior Rails Applications
Engineer to work with us in our efforts to establish a network of sites
aimed at supporting our current and future games. The ideal candidate
will be someone who is familiar with building complete websites using
Rails and who stays current on emerging and changing technologies that
can be used to enhance existing sites. This candidate should be someone
who realizes that a web site is never “done” and is constantly looking
for ways to tweak our framework and applications to polish an awesome
user interface even further. Lastly, we’re looking for someone who is
passionate about the gaming industry and eager to work on projects that
span the company.
If you had been working for En Masse for the past few months, you would have been asked to perform the following tasks:
  • Assess various methods for storing image and video
    uploads to our CMS to allow our servers to store the primary content in a
    fashion that is easy to refer to, that allows our CDN to pull and cache
    the content, and to allow content writers to easily insert them into
    content with proper links to our content delivery network.
  • Write
    a video-encoding framework so that our community team can upload one
    video and have our site automatically encode in several common formats
    used by web and mobile browsers.
  • Work with the maintainers of
    the RefineryCMS open source project to optimize and enhance the
    underlying framework of our site’s content management system.
  • Create a development environment capable of automated deployment by both developers and designers using Chef and Vagrant.
  • Work
    with our Network Operations department to ensure that current and
    future site technology will deploy to QA and production environments
    using Chef.
  • Work with the design team to implement mockups or HTML/CSS/JavaScript prototypes within a Ruby on Rails application.
  • Evaluate code for security vulnerabilities and resolve any issues that were found.
  • Pull information from a RESTful API service and integrate it into a web page.
  • Work with excellent open-source projects like Rails 3.1, Chef, Memcached, Redis, MogileFS, MySQL, and Refinery.
Here are some of the tasks you’ll be performing in your first few months:
  • Extending RefineryCMS to support additional features
    needed for TERA’s game site, such as additional CMS functionality for
    content teams and general improvements to the user experience based on
    analysis of web analytics
  • Integrating a swear-word filtering system within user-submitted content areas
  • Integrating
    with game APIs and data to develop pages such as server status reports,
    character viewers, in-game political election tracking, and other ideas
  • Bragging over your current position on the in-house leveling leaderboard for TERA
If these tasks sound like fun to you and you would thrive at being
able to perform these tasks with beautifully elegant code, then send us
your resume!
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Experience developing web-based frameworks and applications (using Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • Passion for video games, especially massively multiplayer online role-playing games
  • Experience working within a gaming company is a strong preference
What We Have
  • Competitive Total Compensation Package including:
  • Excellent Health/Dental Insurance
  • Profit Sharing
  • Industry Competitive Salary
  • Generous PTO Allowance
  • ORCA pass or 70% reimbursed parking permit
Fun Factors
  • Rec room for Xbox 360, Magic: The Gathering, and other entertainment pursuits
  • Flexibility in purchasing the hardware and software for your desktop dev system
  • Open, collaborative office where your voice is heard and your opinion matters
  • Contribute to open source projects: we use Refinery and have contributed to its improvement
  • Growth potential
  • Training budget to keep your skills cutting edge
  • Snacks and sodas
About Us
En Masse Entertainment is preparing for the launch of TERA, the most
exciting and graphically stunning massively-multiplayer online
role-playing game (MMORPG) ever made. Created by a development staff of
over 200 people, this upcoming title will take the gaming world by
At En Masse, your opinion will count. We all have job titles, but we
weigh opinions and on the reasoning of the person offering the opinion
rather than what role they hold in the organization. We’re a very open
and collaborative environment and we strive to build a team that thrives
on giving and receiving feedback from many sources in an effort to make
the best product possible. There’s also a strong emphasis on growing
professionally at En Masse. This can take us out of our comfort zone at
times, but the end result is that we learn and become more awesome as a
Applying for this Position
When applying for this position, please include the following items in a compressed .zip file:
  • Resume
  • Code Samples
  • Web Portfolio, if applicable
Links to online versions of these resources are acceptable as long as they are universally accessible.

To apply:

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