Eris Exchange, LLC: Senior Software Engineer

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Location: Chicago, IL


Position description:
Eris Exchange offers an exciting and highly interactive work environment. We’ve created an innovative futures contract that embeds the economics of over-the-counter interest rate swaps and provides dramatic margin savings through CME Clearing. Eris Exchange is a futures exchange committed to opening up access through both electronic and traditional voice trading venues.
Eris Exchange has implemented its core platform using a diverse set of complementary technologies.  Our high speed core tooling has been built using C++. Operational support and reporting tools have been developed using JRuby and RAILs and include some underlying Java components. Some of our consumer products have been developed using C#. All of the core systems are deployed into a managed Linux environment and interconnected with RabbitMQ, and MongoDB has been leveraged to create a high speed document storage engine. Our public facing web-site has been developed using Drupal.
As our environment grows we are expanding our capabilities by evolving toward an Event Driven architecture supported by WebService and Messaging technologies. We have numerous projects in our backlog focused on better integration with our clients and partners. This work will affect the technological direction of Eris Exchange, the first and only exchange approved by the CFTC as a Designated Contract Market (DCM) since the passage of Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation.
This is an opportunity for an experienced polyglot programmer to build software for new and innovative financial products, using forward looking technology. Work closely with some of the best technology professionals in the trading industry, and challenge conventional thinking to help create the environment you want to work in.
Role Description
Eris Exchange is looking for a Chicago-based Senior Software Engineer candidate that will assist in creating and maintaining a broad range of technology capabilities, with a particular emphasis on software architecture for the electronic trading platform.
Key functions of the electronic trading platform include:
?       connectivity
?       order routing
?       market data distribution
?       trade matching
?       clearing
?       risk management
?       market monitoring
?       user and product data maintenance
?       performance measurement and security
Key responsibilities include:
?     Participate in software development team responsible for creating, maintaining and supporting in-house systems and public websites
?     Accountable for production support
?     Responsible for planning future hardware, software and network equipment needs
Qualities that a successful candidate will almost certainly possess:
?     At least 5 years of professional experience
?     Ruby experience/knowledge strongly preferred
?     Capital Markets experience preferred
?     Interest rate swaps experience a plus, but not required
?     Commitment to, and experience with Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and other XP practices
?     Commitment to, and experience with the principles of Agile software development
?     Willingness to address critical issues during off-hours, as necessary
?     Willingness and ability to fit into a corporate culture characterized by a sense of urgency for capturing an imminent business opportunity and constant adaptation to a changing environment
Tools and Technologies:
Rabbit MQ
Mongo DB
Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS)
About the Business:
Headquartered in Chicago with an office in New York, Eris Exchange is a Designated Contracts Market (DCM) under the jurisdiction of the CFTC. Formed by a group of Chicago-based proprietary trading firms to increase access to traditional OTC markets that are migrating to centrally-cleared trading venues as a result of recent US financial regulation, Eris Exchange has traded more than $35B in notional value of Eris Interest Rate Swap Futures since the first trades in August, 2010. Eris Exchange contracts are cleared by CME Clearing, the nation’s largest clearing house, with whom Eris Exchange has signed a long-term clearing services agreement.
Please note that we are not soliciting employment from anyone currently employed by our founding partners, our clearing services provider (CME Clearing House) or its parent (CME Group).

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