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Location: Chicago, IL


FanFueled is looking for a developer who is a self-starter, constant improver and problem finder.  We are looking for people who are never satisfied and always looking to improve processes and enrich user experiences.  If this sounds like what you want to, we want to hear from you!  Responsibilities include coding, hacking and various activities revolving around code, databases and eek . . . documentation.
  1. Develop robust, clean code.
  2. Create solid data structures and database schemas.
  3. Document code.
  4. Recommend improvements.
  5. Implement, implement and implement some more.
Personal Attributes:
  • Creative, innovative and ready to hack code!
  • Detail orientated!
  • Excellent communicator!
  • You are an awesome person!
Skills required:
  1. .Net Framework experience, specifically ASP.NET/MVC3.
  2. MS SQL/MySQL.
  3. PHP preferred.
  4. Ruby experience a plus.
  5. Experience/knowledge of Agile is a plus.
To Apply for this position:
  1. In 60 words or less, tell us why you are awesome.
  2. Tell us about your coding experience.
  3. Share anything else that is relevant e.g. online portfolio/blog link.

To apply: Send a resume/cover letter including requirements above to

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