FetLife: Rails Guy (or Gal) with a Design Eye

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Location: Anywhere

URL: http://fetlife.com

About FetLife
In a very short time, FetLife has become the world’s most popular social network for kinky people.  With over 540,000 members and over 150 million monthly pageviews, we’re only getting bigger, and fast.
FetLife is run by a bunch of geeks who just want to make a difference in this world by writing sexy code and designing intuitive interfaces. We thrive on making stuff that people love using. And we’re looking for people just like us to join our family.
If you want to work on a site that hundreds of thousands of people use religiously, and work with peers who take enormous pride in their work, there is probably no better family to join.
And it’s true, anyone can talk to the talk. But, we walk the walk.  We contribute to open source (http://fetlife.com/fetlife/open_source_projects).  We speak at conferences (http://fetlife.com/fetlife/presentations).  That’s just how we roll.
The 411
We are looking for someone to sit between, and complement, both James Golick (@jamesgolick) and me (@johnbaku) on the team. Someone whose sole focus would be to constantly improve FetLife. Own the vision with us and help us take features and improvements from paper all the way to implementation. Then once deployed, iterate over them because nothing is good enough for you.
Mad skillz needed
You need to possess the following mad skills to join the FetLife family as an Rails Guy (or Gal) with a Design Eye:
  • Ruby on Rails craftsman. Design patterns are your bitch.
  • HTML/CSS Standardista. Microformats, amirite?
  • Test-Driven zealot. You dream in RSpec.
  • Speaks fluent ruby. kinkster.virgin? ? “hey John!” : “John is so jealous!”
  • JQuery is your friend. Who needs any other.
  • Manager of One. We want a leader, not a yes man.
Bonus Points
Bonus points goes to anyone who groks the following and/or has experience with:
  • Open source contributor. We live and breathe OSS.
  • HTML Design Skillz. Put John to shame.
  • System Administration. rm -rf /
Take Note
We are looking to only work with the bomb-diggity. Our peer. Someone who learns from us as much as we learn from them. Someone we’ll be proud to say is part of our family and who will play a large role in pushing FetLife forward. If you are not this person, please consider another position.

To apply: Email us at jointhefamily+37s@fetlife.com and let’s talk.

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