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Location: San Francisco, CA


Findery is seeking an early team member to help with our zeroes and
ones – our RESTful API, our databases, our search, and more. You’ll be
working to build a scalable site focused on social media, relationships
and geo. You’ll work with front-end developers, both web and mobile, to
get them the data they need (and fast!); with the ops team to set,
measure and implement performance goals; and with our product team to
implement awesome features in the smartest possible way.
We’re a small team based in an awesome
office in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood and want to meet creative
people eager to help others share the places that matter to them.
Founded by Caterina Fake, chairman of
Etsy and co-founder of Flickr and Hunch, Findery lets people create, share, and
discover notes about the places around them. We want to build something that
millions of people will use and love. We want people to put our
company name on their license plates
; to make cakes
with our logo on them
; and to meet on Findery, fall in love,
and live happily ever after. We’ve built something like this before, and it was
one of the most fulfilling experiences of our lives. We’re doing it again.
we’re looking for
We’re looking for people who have a
reputation for building cool things, a knack for learning and reaching just
outside their comfort zone, and a passion for creating a virtual space that
will foster real-world experiences. Finally, we’re hoping to hire people with
the confidence to voice opinions and offer help, but have the humility to
welcome opinions and ask for help.
Plus, you oughta be fun to be around.

Preferred Skills:

• You have 3+ years of experience writing expert object-oriented code.
(We’re a Ruby on Rails shop, so Rails experience is a plus.)
• You have similar experience working with relational databases and can read raw SQL. (We use MySQL and Redis.)
• You have experience with Apache or Nginx and know your way around the Unix command line.
• You can make things hum, knowing when to sweat milliseconds and when not to. You have experience with caching.
• You’re eager to try out ideas and push code every day–we iterate rapidly here and deploy continuously.
• You know that simple, sustainable systems win and that adding a new
feature sometimes means refactoring old code. You code fast today, but
are always laying groundwork so the whole team can code fast tomorrow.
• You love the product and its features, and you also enjoy building
tools to monitor and improve the application architecture. (devops ftw!)
• You can work with a big code base with other developers (we use Git)
and communicate that work with both technical and non-technical folks.

To apply: Please send an email to telling us about yourself and what you love to work on. Share all the stuff that you feel help describe who you are and what you’ve done (GitHub, blog, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn etc.) Attach your resume as a PDF.

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