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Location: San Francisco, CA


You’ll be part of a design team that is responsible for:
  • Designing the interaction, layout, and visual look of our personal health management website/dashboard at
    (sign up for a free account to try it out and see what you’ll be
    working to improve). This is a web app which requires a strong focus on
    turning complex data and UI challenges into an easy and delightful
    experience for the users, employing techniques such as design
    simplification, data visualization, and JavaScript and CSS3 animations.
  • Designing for the mobile environment (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.).??
  • Developing the UI and interaction for personal fitness hardware
    products. You’ll have to make the most of tiny screens (for example 104×16 pixel to 128×32 pixel displays).??
  • Creating wireframes and Photoshop mockups.??
  • Working with various stakeholders, such as product managers, sales and
    marketing, customer support, and engineers who will convert your
    mockups into working pages.??
  • Proposing A/B tests, working with engineers to implement the tests and then evaluating the results.??
  • Conducting and/or participating in informal usability tests.?
  • Designing intuitive packaging, manuals, and retail displays, kiosks, and the like.?
NOTE: Do not apply for this job unless you possess all of these.
  • An online portfolio.
  • A portfolio containing strong examples of complex UIs
    you have designed — not just a dropdown navigation menu or a standard
    rollover — and can explain the process involved in reaching the design
  • A demonstrated ability to turn complex communication challenges into simple, elegant designs.
  • An abiding love for good user experience design, and ability to place
    yourself in the role of the person you are designing for.??
  • A demonstrated understanding of typographical technique, layout
    principles, color theory, and web design standards and patterns.
  • An intimate knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and other industry standard design tools.
  • The ability to produce highly detailed and well-organized Photoshop
    files, to document interaction specs for developers, and describe them
    verbally as well.
  • Knowledge of digital production techniques (e.g. when to save an image as a PNG versus a PDF, or a GIF versus a JPG).
  • The ability to rapidly prototype designs using whatever method is fastest and easiest for you personally.
  • The ability to iterate and improve on a design, even after it’s been released.
  • Experience or strong interest in data visualization or infographics.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, a sense of humor, and a
    desire to make the world a better place through exceptional design.?
  • The ability to manage multiple projects on various schedules.
  • Intimate familiarity with these principles and techniques:
  • Web standards
  • UI design patterns
  • Graceful degradation
  • Progressive disclosure
  • Transitions and animations
  • Grid systems

At least passing familiarity with:

  • Agile development
  • The box model
  • JavaScript and CSS, what they can and cannot do
Bonus points for any of the following:
  • Illustration, photography, or motion graphics chops.
  • iPhone/Android/mobile design experience.
  • Packaging, EGD, or industrial design experience.
  • Print design experience (such as the ability to perform a press check).
  • Ability to sling your own JS, HTML, or CSS (so we can prototype designs before getting engineering involved).
  • Ability and desire to mentor fellow designers.
  • Interest in fitness and health.
All applications must include a portfolio link, either a website or a PDF stored somewhere where we can download it.
This position is located at Fitbit headquarters in San Francisco, CA. It’s a fun place to work, and it’s only gonna get funner. We work realistic hours and have some cool perks.
About Fitbit Inc.
Fitbit is a consumer electronics company inspiring people to live healthier lifestyles. The startup’s flagship product is the Fitbit
Tracker, which measures the wearer’s movement in three dimensions and
calculates steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep
activity. The Tracker syncs wirelessly to,
where users can input additional data and track their fitness using a
plethora of charts and graphs, participate in group challenges, and
The Fitbit
Tracker has won numerous prestigious industrial design awards and has
been reviewed positively in the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Forbes, New
York Times, Glamour, and others.
“Using the Fitbit
Tracker is like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and sleep
doctor attached to your hip at all times,” wrote Claire Cain Miller in
the New York Times.
“Fitbit by a mile,” said Tim O’Reilly at TechCrunch50 in 2009. “They understand what kind of business they are in. They know how their gonna make money.”
Fitbit was
founded in 2007 by longtime technology entrepreneurs James Park and Eric
Friedman. The company is well capitalized and is backed in part by
Foundry Group, True Ventures, and SoftTech VC.

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