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Location: San Francisco, California


Forio Business Simulations is looking for an experienced and talented web developer.
Who Are We? 
Forio Business Simulations is a leader in the field of online simulations and games. We have developed several business simulations for Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Kellogg School of Business, University of Michigan, and others as well as many corporate clients. We also build planning and policy simulations for businesses and government agencies including energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and government policy simulations. Check out a our web application hosting platform here: and samples of our work here: 
Who Are We Looking For? 
We’re looking for a highly intelligent, creative person who combines design excellence with experience in the latest web technology and ability to schedule and manage software projects. The ideal candidate would be an experienced programmer with a passion for taming web browsers and the ability to deliver software projects on schedule. Expert Javascript skills and web application development skills are essential. Experience dabbling in server-side technologies like Ruby, Python, PHP, or Java are a plus, as are experiments with some HTML5 technologies. 
What Do We Have to Offer?
We’re a great opportunity for someone who’s passionate about web development, interested in simulations and games, and would like to work in a small (15 person) start-up team in San Francisco.  Right away, you’ll have an chance to make a real contribution developing simulation game user interfaces for thousands of users, working directly with customers, and helping to shape the development of our software platform.
How to Apply: 
Mail in your resume to along with answers to the following questions: 
1. What’s your IDE of choice for web development? Mention any plugins you use to customize it. 
2. What have you built that you’re most proud of? This could be anything from leading-edge CSS3/ HTML5 prototypes to modding XBoxes. 
3. Has there been any particular cross-browser bug you’ve had to deal with? Tell us about it and share your pain! 
4. Discuss any experience you have planning and delivering a project on budget and on schedule and how you go about estimating software project delivery times.
4. Show us your stuff! We’d love to see it up and running online, but code samples work too. 
Extra credit: Build a simple game in Javascript and attach it to your application (or better yet, host it somewhere and link it). No session-saving or any other server-side features required. Feel free to use any libraries you want. UI implementation is secondary. 

To apply: Mail in your application to

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