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Location: New York, NY


We love Python/Java/Scala/Obj-C (Web/Android/iPhone/iPad), but show us your Ruby, C, C++, Clojure, or whatever and an aptitude for learning and we’ll have a good talk. Be in (or bound-for) NYC-metro.
Join a Fast, Fun, Mature Team
  • Hack with an experienced group of pragmatic, perfectionist, passionate coders.
  • Build on a thoroughly modern web stack (document DBs, OSS, JSON, REST).
  • Feel liberated: automation, continuous deployment, free communication, distributed responsibility.
  • Work with people who care deeply about product, interface, and service.
  • Directly communicate with customers, and make an impact on their lives.
Our Stack
  • Clustered MongoDB
  • Tornado & Django
  • JSON, jQuery
  • OSX, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Git
  • Know Unix.
  • Like sports.
  • Distrust complexity.
  • Expect to work hard.
  • Be a team player and strong communicator.
  • Love what you do.
Experience That Will Impress
iPhone Apps, Lisp, jQuery, Stats, Tribe-building, Comet, REST

To apply: Resume & code sample/Github handle to

No code sample you can share? Code this up in your favorite language:

The scenario is a baseball game. Given a ‘game state’ as defined by the parameters below, and a batter at the plate,

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