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Location: San Francisco, CA


Giftly is making gifting better, helping local businesses, bringing people closer together, and fighting a bloated cadre of slow-witted corporate monoliths who prefer stealing money to making awesome new things. Here’s why you should join the struggle against lame, impersonal gifts:
(1) Giftly is a design-obsessed company. We can be a multibillion dollar disruptive success with great design, but without it we don’t have a chance. Come work where nothing trumps design, where how it works and how it looks matter to every employee, and where you’ll have an enormous role in shaping a product and a company. If you want to be an Ive, this is your shot.
(2) Giftly is mobile, social, and ambitious. This isn’t page-layout. If you want to push yourself, designing beautiful web apps, device apps, and maybe even some nifty physical objects, this is your job. We need to take advantage of the latest web technologies to make Giftly fun, clever, comprehensible, and easy for users. An understanding of interaction design and UI/UX chops are important, but it’s cool if they’re implicit to you because you live on the web.
(3) Giftly is a great place to work. Think of all the cliches about startups: dogs, lovely office, friendly people in hoodies, etc.; discard the stress of 80-hour workweeks, because we believe in work/life balance. We’ll hook you up with any equipment you need; from Aerons to zebras, if it helps you design, we’ll buy it.
(4) Giftly is going to be huge. We’re young, but we have an amazing team, great press, awesome user response, and we’re part of a big trend: 1000% year-over-year growth in so-called “e-gift cards.” But we’re not a gift card company. We make it possible for people to use technology to share experiences with one another; we put technology and design in the service of authentic human needs.
If you’re a great designer who lives and breathes the web, who sees mediocre design and wants to fix it, who cannot stand sloppy, inattentive, or lame sites and apps, come talk to us. We want to pay you to make art, to make beauty, to make your vision a reality. Come make something that millions of people will adore. What could be more exciting than that?
Skills and experience are more important than education.
  • Strong understanding of usability and UI/UX principles for web & mobile apps.
  • Mastery of your tools. This probably includes Photoshop and Illustrator; we’ve used Fireworks, too.
  • Excitement about jumping in and getting your hands dirty designing a great product.
  • Strong understanding of modern mobile and web design principles.
  • Understanding of modern HTML, CSS, JS.
Bonuses, but not necessary:
  • You enjoy doing UX & usability work.
  • CSS framework experience: Blueprint,, etc.
  • Fluent in HTML5/CSS3.
  • Knowledge of specific JS libraries: jQuery & friends, etc.
  • Branding experience.
  • Understanding of cross-browser presentation issues.
  • Experience with a web templating language.
  • Past work on e-commerce sites.
We offer:
We think this is a dream job for a creative, product-minded designer. We also think this is a crucial hire, so we’ll be extremely selective. But we will make sure it’s worth it, both in terms of responsibility and in terms of compensation.
  • Very competitive salary & equity.
  • Benefits (medical, dental, vision).
  • Lunches.
  • Set up your workstation however you want, within reason. Want 3 monitors? Great. Go nuts.
  • Quadrennial “flip out and overturn your desk” tantrum allotment.
  • Meaningful ownership of a product that will be seen by millions of users.
Some things we’d love to see:
  • Scans from your sketchbook
  • Examples of your previous work done for hire.
  • Examples of the stuff you create in your free time.
  • Pictures of your tattoos, if any.
  • Anything that shows us you are a world class designer and can build a world class design team

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