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Location: Palo Alto, CA

URL: http://www.gobble.com

We’re looking for a full-stack product developer. You should be comfortable with everything from CSS to SQL, though you’ll spend most of your time in Haml and ActiveRecord.  We prefer trusting people over process; everyone here is given a great deal of autonomy, freedom and responsibility.  You’ll brainstorm new features and deploy them the same day.  You’ll spend most of your time creating new features.
Our stack:
 * Ruby on Rails 3
 * MySQL
 * Haml, CSS, jQuery
 * RSpec
 * Git & GitHub
 * RVM, Bundler, Capistrano
 * Apache, Passenger, Ubuntu
You have written and deployed a production Ruby on Rails application.  It’s okay if you don’t have everything listed below.  If you’re smart and get things done, let’s talk.
Front-end skills:
  • HTML/CSS:  Given a design or sketch, you can create the HTML and CSS required to bring the page to life. Nice to have: Haml, cross-browser CSS debugging skills, SEO.
  • JavsScript/jQuery:  You have a working knowledge of using jQuery to create interactive UIs. Nice to have: Understanding of closures, event propagation, asynchronous programming, advanced DOM manipulation.
  • RoR: RESTful design, fat models/skinny controllers, migrations. Nice to have: experience with custom plugins, authlogic, paperclip, delayed job (or resque.)
  • SQL: Joins, indexes and the tradeoffs involved with normalization. Nice to have: reporting and analytics.
  • Ops/Admin: *nix, Apache, capistrano, cron, ssh. Nice to have: system automation, bash, security best-practices.
  • APIs: Nice to have: experience with Braintree, Twilio, Twitter and Facebook APIs.
About Gobble
Gobble is an online marketplace that connects hungry, health-conscious families with fresh meals from chefs in their neighborhood. Recently, Gobble raised $1.2 million from prominent Silicon Valley angel investors, including Greylock Partners’ Reid Hoffman, Square COO Keith Rabois, Powerset Founder Lorenzo Thione, SV Angel, Founder Collective, and more.  Founded in November 2010, Gobble is based in Palo Alto, CA.

To apply: Email your resume, GitHub profile, and website to Patricia at nerds@gobble.com

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