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Location: San Francisco, CA or Boulder, CO


About Us:
Graphicly is provides an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated entertainment.
NOTE: With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA and Boulder, CO, this position can be in either place.
  • Read this post: – be the hacker
  • Work closely with Product to build the best application possible
  • Make architecture decisions based on the needs of the organization
  • Work closesly within a team of stellar developers to drive their game and up yours.
  • CS Degree (BA, MA, PhD, SPD — Straight Playa Degree)
  • 2+ years of experience (can demostrate cool stuff you have built)
  • Hack on your own time
  • Curiosity and passion for crafting amazing experiences
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to explain your design decisions
  • Proficiency programming in a language you love (we don’t discriminate!)
  • Familiarity with MVC paradigms and frameworks (Rails, Django, CakePHP, etc)
  • Familiarity with different databases and storage engines (SQL, NoSQL, etc) 
Bonus Points:
  • Must be super, but no capes or tights.
  • You desire to be a CTO or VP of Engineering, but now just wanna code.
  • Dont have to love comics, but need to understand how they work.
  • If someone asks if you are a rockstar, you reply “dude, that was so 2009. Now I am a Super Entrepreneurial Developer.”
  • must have a love for development, understanding a language or framework and sharing that knowledge in a solid team.
  • Your success and talents define your work environment and perks.

To apply: send your resume and apply through this link:

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