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Location: Mill Valley, CA



Grassy Creek, LLC is a private equity firm with offices in Mill Valley, Crested Butte, London and Amsterdam. As a private equity firm we own several different business that fall under three business lines including Real Estate, Destination Experiences and Technology Ventures.

We are looking to hire a full time Front-End Software Engineer into our Technology Ventures Group based in Mill Valley, CA.  The Technology Ventures group is the team that manages all of the technology (custom software, applications, websites and infrastructure) for each of our businesses. Examples of our businesses include:Â

* a cat ski operation in Colorado (
* a high-end experience destination group (Â
* a pub and inn in the English countryside (Â andÂ
* a home automation business (Â

We also have a team of programmers developing innovative software applications for our own use and in some cases for resale. Weâ re looking for a team member to help us across all projects but primarily to help us develop custom software apps for a project were currently working on called PLM.

PLM, or the Personal Life Manager, is a business and personal tool that we plan on using internally and eventually reselling as a product. PLM is a graphically rich interface that ties together tools for communication (email, chat, im/sms and voip), financials, document management, property management, control systems and more.Â

Joining our small team of developers, you will be a principal engineer in the business and your role will grow rapidly as the company grows. Â We are looking for a highly motivated, passionate, and experienced senior software engineer with deep technical expertise and extensive, hands-on development experience to join our team. Â We value having fun and learning as the most important thing and are looking for employees to help us grow with some exciting opportunities. Â Compensation is competitive and commiserates with experience.


* Expert on HTML5 and CSS3
* Strong command with Javascript / JQuery as a language and using it to develop interactive apps.
* Experience with Ajax in conjunction with API calls.
* Strong opinions regarding user experience and the design of web based applications
* Solid understanding of cross browser issues.
* Attention to detail, self-motivated, and able to work in a team environment.


* Solid understanding of OO principles and programming.
* Exposure to front end frameworks such as Backbone, Ember or Underscore.
* Experience on projects with data visualization.
* Experience building highly interactive web apps.

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