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Location: New York, NY


Compensation: Hourly($100/hr), project-based, or equity
Company Overview
Grovo offers immediate personalized training on websites and mobile applications that are useful to you.  We have a premier in-house production team that creates entertaining, 2-minute video lessons that roll-up into 15 minute courses.  Individual users and entire organizations use the training platform easily.  Taking notes, bookmarking lessons, passing proficiency challenges to get Certified, and assigning courses to colleagues while tracking their progress is made fun for the first time.  For a fully branded experience, white-labeling the platform is just a few clicks away.
How many people do you know are overwhelmed by all they can do online and know that there is so much more that they can do?  Yet, there is not a single destination to extract this value quickly and easily, and have fun while doing it.  Businesses and consumers aren’t the only ones who benefit from this single destination; so do Internet and technology companies themselves – right now, they’re lacking an education and a training platform that nurtures their existing users and delivers new ones who are engaged.  For example, the majority of Twitter users use the product for only 90 days.  Grovo fixes this problem by creating a symbiotic and profitable relationship between websites and mobile apps, and the end users.
Position Description
We are looking for a Flex UI developer who is excited about building something unique with a top notch technology team. The hired developer will work closely with our co-founders and report to the Technology founder.
-You have 3+ years experience with Flex 3/4, AS3, Flash Builder
-You have great design skills and are able to produce appealing and intuitive interfaces in Adobe Flex
-You have knowledge of the Mate framework
-You can show us samples of your past work with Flex applications
-You are experienced with Flex remoting to backend server
-You are familiar with PHP and MySQL
-You have a passion for learning the latest web technologies
-You are hard-working and thrive in a fast-paced environment  
Personal Requirements
-Loves the Internet
-Digs our mission and vision
-Hungry for success
-Needs constant challenges
-Thrives in a fast paced environment
-Hard working
-Easy going in your own way
-Work because you like to
-Comfortable being self-sufficient within one week
-A happy human

To apply: Please send your resume, a one paragraph about yourself, and samples of your Flex work to

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