Harpua Communications, Inc.: Time Traveler Wanted

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Location: Chicago, IL

We are a Chicago-based startup with a great team who is revolutionizing email.  We’re time travelers with a mission to travel back to 1995 and save The Inbox who has been trapped there ever since.  Come help us build out our platform and be an early member of something BIG.  Our current team has released a fully functional alpha, and now we need you to help us launch!
How we work
You will join a team of polyglots who take pride in owning more hats than we have people.  We’re battle-worn web developers, open source enthusiasts, database tinkerers, script kiddies, and dev-ops practitioners who love taking risks and occasionally blowing our eyebrows off.  Although most of our software is written in Ruby and server-side JavaScript, we don’t confine ourselves to a single programming language. We believe in using the best tool for the job while maintaining a slight bias toward the tools that the team knows the best.
We are highly iterative and agile with our development practices.  Our people enjoy working with individuals who value a workplace where software development can move at a rapid pace with early feedback and free flowing communication.  We believe in incremental improvement — not Big Bangs.
  • Develop current and future web applications for Harpua and our clients
  • Author application code and other deliverables such as technical/functional requirements, stories/use cases, and tests
  • Active participation in daily scrums, meetings, and design sessions
  • Collaborate with team members, consultants, designers to provide accurate estimations, timelines, and risks associated with development
  • Substantial JavaScript development experience and with related projects such as JQuery, NodeJS and Socket.io
  • Experience with Ruby, Rails 3, HTML5, SCSS, HAML and SQL
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

To apply: In your cover letter, please include the following when you apply:

Produce a JavaScript program that produces a solution to the following problem:

A Pythagorean triplet is a set of three natural numbers, `a < b < c`, for which,

`a^2 + b^2 = c^2`

For e

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