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We are looking for a programmer experienced in popularity algorithms (yes we know boring . . . . . . but with a highly exciting catch!) for a start-up based in Singapore and moving in to Europe and the USA.
We have funding, a diverse team and a truly unique product  to be launched in March – we NEED a programmer to pull the project together, launch and maintain. Shared ownership is available to the right candidate.
For Launch we require somebody who is experienced with –
  • Developing and managing large databases
  • Writing scalable and efficient pythonic code for our production systems.
  • Building and consuming the wide world of APIs.
  • Defining data models, performing schema migrations and writing SQL.
  • Popularity algorithms (with a personal twist)
You’ll be working alongside and leading a rotating team of programmers assigned to help with the launch and early operations, but you will be our superstar. Exclusively employed to develop a world class program and later helping the system administrators and customer service people with all their programming needs.
If the thing you like most about programming is starting new applications or working on features – this job is for you!
We expect you to be well-versed in Ruby and Rails, but you don’t need decades of experience or an extensive library of published applications. This would be a perfect fit for someone who’s gotten their feet wet in the field, but wants to work with some of the best people in the industry to learn more.
Pay is according to qualifications, up to $60,000 (depending on equity received).
We like when people make custom application sites, but at the very least include links to code that you’ve written. Preferably a full-fledged application and/or bugs fixed on open source software. Interesting applicants will be invited for interview so we can get to know you better (and hopefully become friends)

To apply: gordonrodger1@gmail.com

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