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Location: San Francisco, CA


Senior Front-End Engineer Â, is an early-stage well-funded start up founded by successful Stanford alumnus. We have been featured on BloombergTV, MSNBC, TechCrunch, Forbes,
COMPANY: FastCompany and The Washington Post.

Currently, we are hiring Front-End Software Engineers with an entrepreneurial drive. Your contributions will benefit millions of people with our innovative social networking features. Our current stack includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Lucene, Memcache, EC2, and PostgreSQL with open source contributions to GitHub. We are not religious to any of these particular technologies, as we are collaboratively developing the best new solutions for our progressive social network.

* Mastery of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with minimally 3 years experience
* 75% of your time will be spent working with one of these 3 languages — you absolutely must enjoy this aspect of your job
* You write HTML and CSS The Right Way (see Web Standards Solutions and Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm)
* We use jQuery predominantly, though it would be ideal if your knowledge of JavaScript was not reliant on jQuery
* Youve accepted browser compatibility as a necessary annoyance of web development, and you handle it professionally while maintaining your sanity
* Strong Git skills. Youll essentially serve as the hub for code from the front-end team.
* Youll often be called upon to merge things (with help from the involved parties if necessary, of course)
* You take pride in maintaining a clean commit tree (i.e., you wield git rebase like a pro and strive for linear commits)
* Familiar with Ruby on Rails
* Youre implementing the view for a new page, and youre able to muck around with controllers and config files to get it to render with minimal assistance
* Youre comfortable writing the occasional helper method to offload logic out of the view

* Exceptional work ethic
* When presented with a challenge, your natural reaction is "I got this", not "Let someone else handle it"
* Presented with a deadline, youll put in the hours necessary to meet it
* All of the above apply even if the task is not particularly enjoyable
* Highly self-motivated and independent
* You take direction when necessary and can switch gears easily, but otherwise you have no problem keeping yourself busy
* You dont need to be told to fix bugs — you seek them out and fix them on your own
* Detail-oriented bordering on excessive levels
* You write clean, immensely readable code
* Youre a stickler for convention *dashes not camelCase for class names, alphabetizing CSS properties, etc.
* This is less a hard rule and more an indication of the type of attitude were looking for

Identified is early-stage but well-funded, so you can expect a very competitive salary, the toys you want, and a good chunk of equity. Were also easy to get to in San Francisco: theres a parking lot across the street, and were just a 10 minute walk from the Muni, Bart, and Caltrain.

We can also provide endless conversation about movies, music, and comic books. Major props if you can outdo any of our resident experts on those fronts.

* No Agencies at this time. Identified will not pay fees associated with any unsolicited agency resumes.

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